FRESHeTECH Freeze Pipe Is This Summer's Ultimate 420 Refreshment
The MERRY JANE editorial team passed around the FRESHeTECH Freeze Pipe at a meeting during work hours a week ago, and this is what happened.
Published on June 29, 2019

People underestimate the summer heat in California. Sure, the Golden State has the beach, a magical marine layer along the coast, and lots of thick forest canopy that provides shade. But sometimes, even those don’t provide solace from the burn of climate-change-induced-heat. Not much does. That’s why the FRESHeTECH Freeze Pipe is lowkey the summer’s hottest (or should we say coolest?) smoking accessory. Instead of inhaling heat when you smoke, the freeze pipe surges you with a stream of pure chill, making it the ultimate 420 refreshment when kicking back in the shade. 

The editorial staff at MERRY JANE put FRESHeTECH’s Freeze Pipe to the test during an end-of-day story and idea meeting. (Is there anything better than some good ‘ol whacky tobaccy to get the creative juices flowing?) During this meeting, the team usually discusses story pitches and plans for the week to come. After a long week, the meeting can be a bit taxing. But that’s where weed and the freeze pipe come in.

We put the pipe in the freezer around lunchtime to let it get icy-solid for our meeting. By the time our meeting started, the pipe looked like it beamed down from an ice chest hailing from beyond the Nights' Watch's Wall. It was so cold it steamed like dry ice. How does the pipe freeze without breaking, you ask? The liquid inside the pipe is made of glycerin — not water — which doesn’t expand and crack when frozen. And since the little bowl piece is removable — and the only non-frozen part of the pipe — your flower doesn’t get soggy while packing a bowl. Huzzah!

Before hitting the pipe, fear washed over me in the form of remembering the famous scene from A Christmas Story, when Flick gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole. 

Would my lips get stuck to the pipe and hinder my ability to smoketh le herb for... ever?!

Perhaps it was paranoia getting to me. Or maybe it was (and still is) a valid concern. But I hit the pipe anyway — which was loaded with luscious Sour Diesel — and to my surprise (and relief) my lips didn't adhere to the piece. The smoke was intense and felt pointed due to the block of ice it traveled through before surging into my lungs. The chilled effect made the experience feel like a weed popsicle that you can inhale without a violent coughing attack. 

The editorial team took massive hits out of the FRESHeTECH pipe and talked about an array of topics ranging from taking over the world to magic mushrooms making people act normal. And never once did we have to halt the meeting due to burning throats and lungs. The FRESHeTECH pipe made every hit as smooth as Shanghai silk. 

Hitting the cold pipe was the equivalent of having an iced cocktail at the end of a long, parched day — but minus the alcohol. We were high as hell (had it frozen over?) which made the end-of-day meeting supremely chillaxed. The freeze pipe was a steller refreshment — and an excellent, high-tech way to get the 4:20 happy hour started. 

This article is brought to you by FRESHeTECH

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