Angelo Moore is known across the globe as the high-energy frontman of Fishbone, the genre-defying band creating passionate tunes that skirt mainstream categorization.

On this episode of Deflowered, a MERRY JANE original series, Moore takes us on a journey back to the early 1980s when the newly founded group would pop and lock in front of the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Those dance moves translated into his explosive performances as lead vocalist and saxophonist of Fishbone.

“The music I danced to, I wanted to play,” Moore told MERRY JANE.

Moore, who also performs as “Dr. Madd Vibe”, talks stage diving with the best of them despite that one time it landed him in hot water (re: a million-dollar lawsuit).

“Your music always makes me happy. Your live shows are still amazing. Keep on doing what you do best,” an adoring fan wrote after news of the dive gone wrong spread on social media.

The group also attracted a new crop of fans with the release of the documentary Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, which might end up being your next Netflix and Chill.

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