In being referred to as the “Green Goddess” or, even more directly, as “Mother Mary,” cannabis is frequently likened to an entity that is life-giving, nurturing, and, quite specifically, maternal. 

Weed as the Mother of Us All is a concept that’s both ancient, dating back to at least the fourth century CE when it was used to aid in childbirth, and, as legalization increases and stigma around parents using pot dissipates, blazingly up-to-the moment.

In 2017, NBC’s Today profiled a number of “Marijuana Moms” who advocate for cannabis as an enhancement to better parenting and a happier home life. Among them was Kayce Bowdon, founder of the blog The Cannavist Mom, who said she went from being archly anti-pot to embracing weed after she used medical marijuana to successfully treat her migraines.

“I’ve heard from hundreds of moms who use marijuana,” Kaycee told NBC’s Maria Shriver. “They’re happy that I’m out there, putting it out there. There are so many moms that are still hiding because they’re ashamed. And you shouldn’t be ashamed.”

And that was three whole Mother’s Days ago. As cannabis has continued to positively transform society since then, a number of famous moms have spoken out about their love of the plant. Here are some of the most memorable quotes from celebrity moms about weed — just in time for Mother’s Day this upcoming weekend.

Amy Schumer

In 2019, funny person Amy Schumer became a funny mom by giving birth to a son named Gene Fischer. Presumably, she also commenced smoking weed, as Amy lamented not being able to light up while she was carrying.

During her pregnancy, Amy told Today’s Savannah Guthrie that what she would normally use to unwind was “usually marijuana” and added, “I was just thinking about how I miss weed.”

Ever the pot-loving provocateur, on April 20, 2019, Amy posted an Instagram photo of herself, hugely pregnant and dragging on a (fake) joint next to a baby carriage containing a booze bottle. Her hilarious gag caption: “Happy 4/20 to all the expectant mothers out there.”

Most recently, in January 2020, Amy discussed marijuana — and being a mom — at a live event with Oprah Winfrey. Amy said her dream was to get Oprah’s straight-edge BFF Gayle King to “smoke weed.”

Comically addressing King from the stage, Amy teased, “We’re lookin’ at you, Gayle. We’re talkin’ about wellness today, right? Try an edible, Gayle — something. It’s never nice to drug someone. And I’m very against that. But if we just made Gayle a couple brownies….”

Not missing a beat, Oprah laughed and said, “Then we’ll Instagram it so y’all can see!”

Kristen Bell

Hollywood power couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have two daughters, Lincoln and Delta, and the stars frequently discuss their kids during interviews. And one of them, at least, talks about being a happy, effective parent who smokes pot.

After a rough ride with addiction in his youth, Dax has been sober for quite some time. Kristen, however, is not a teetotaller. So, while guesting on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, Kristen Bell opened up about being a famous mom who smokes weed.

“I like my vape pen quite a bit. Weed is my drug of choice, for sure,” Kristen said. “Once a week, if I am exhausted, and we are about to sit down and watch 60 Minutes, why not?”

Kristen said Dax was OK with her smoking pot, noting, “I smoke around my husband and it doesn’t seem to bother him… He lost his privilege with [weed] because he can’t handle it; his brain doesn’t have the chemistry to handle it.”

Kristen then summed up her affection for the plant by declaring, “Weed rules!”

Afterward, Kristen got some negative pushback online from busybodies who claimed to object to her smoking weed near her sober husband. In response, Dax defended the weed-smoking mom of his kids by tweeting, “That would be like a diabetic expecting their partner to never eat dessert. Get real!” Sweet!

Charlize Theron

Academy Award-winner Charlize Theron is the mom of two adopted daughters — Jackson, 18, and August, 7. She’s also had an on-and-off relationship with cannabis that, recently, heated up anew.

After once being photographed smoking pot out of an apple bong, Charlize told the press that she had long been a fan of weed, saying, “I was a wake-and-baker for most of my life” and “I really appreciated marijuana way more than alcohol or anything else.”

Upon reaching her 30s, though, Charlize said her body chemistry seemed to change and she no longer enjoyed smoking as she once did. In February 2018, however, Charlize said, “I’m open to retrying it again because now there’s all these different strains, and you can be specific with it. I’m actually really interested because I have really bad insomnia, and I’d much rather get off sleeping pills and figure out a strain that helps me sleep better. So, when I have a moment, I’m actually doing that with my mom. My mom has really bad sleep, too.”

The following month, Charlize guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and announced that she had, indeed, recently experimented with marijuana edibles — and her mom supplied them!

“Last week she showed up at my house, literally drove in her little tennis outfit and brought me a little container and just left it on my kitchen table,” Theron said. “She was like, ‘So, I got some blueberry-covered chocolate ones, but if you want it faster-acting, you should go for the mints. Those you suck, and it works faster.’”

Charlize said she appreciated her mother “buying marijuana” and having the “full experience.” Cheers to that!

Anna Faris

Although Anna Faris is now best known for the long-running CBS sitcom Mom, she won stoner loyalty forever by starring in the marijuana movie cult-classic Smiley Face (2007) — a role that won her a High Times Stony Award for Stonette of the Year.

In addition, Anna — who has one son, Jack with her ex-husband Chris Pratt — has also made no secret that she smokes weed off-screen, as well.

On a 2016 edition of her podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified, Anna even put her pot knowledge up against no less a world-class weed authority than Seth Rogen — and they both came out smelling like intoxicating plumes of skunk.

As for her Stony Award, which is a working bong, Anna said, “Mine’s up on the mantel. And occasionally, it gets used.” 

Gwyneth Paltrow

Lush lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow may take a lot of heat in some circles for her high-end Goop guides to privileged living, but let’s give cannabis credit where it’s dankishly due: Gwyneth Paltrow is a celebrity mom who smokes weed.

Sitting in with Howard Stern in 2018, Gwyneth confirmed that she indulges in pot and pointed out, “It’s legal in California now!”

Gwyneth also addressed the topic on her Goop site, writing, “What’s really interesting to see, with all the legalization of marijuana happening, is how there’s evidence that it can be helpful in a medicinal sense for people. That it can really be an alternative pain management system, and, in some cases, helpful for depression.”

After adding CBD and cannabis products to gift bags at her Goop summit, Gwyneth further said, “I love this subject [of marijuana to enhance women’s lives]. It really has the potential to shift old patterns of thought and change lives, and I feel like we really could be on the precipice of something a lot bigger than we realize, scientifically.”

Kate Hudson… and Goldie Hawn!

Like previously mentioned pot-smoking mom Charlize Theron, film star and fashion mogul Kate Hudson has also apparently imbibed in the company of her own mother — superstar Goldie Hawn. So, too, has her brother, actor Oliver Hudson.

In February 2020, Kate and Oliver guested on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and played the game “Truth or Shot,” during which contestants reveal a secret or take a belt of booze. When Ellen asked if either Kate or Oliver had ever toked up with their iconic mom Goldie Hawn, they acknowledged together that they both had.

Of course, mom-of-three Kate Hudson has long been an out-and-proud pot smoker. For her star-studded 40th birthday celebration in 2019, Kate hosted a 4/20-themed gala, wherein guests “sampled sweet cannabis-infused confections crafted with Kiva chocolate, in collaboration with Jeff the 420 Chef, including canna-apple roses drizzled with Kiva Chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries, plus chocolate bars, Terra Bites, Petra Mints, and Camino Gummies.”


Megan Fox

Megan Fox, star of the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blockbuster franchises, is a devoted mother of three and a fiery advocate for parents — or anyone — who opt to better their lives by way of kind bud.

Addressing the topic once in GQ, Megan Fox made her feelings absolutely clear regarding moms who smoke pot and the hypocrites who would give them grief, stating, “It’s all propaganda. I can’t tell you how much bullshit I’ve been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed… People look at it like it’s this crazy, hippie, fucked-up thing to do. And it’s not! I hope they legalize it, and when they do I’ll be the first fucking person in line to buy my pack of joints.”

Since that interview, recreational cannabis, of course, has been legalized in California, so be on the lookout for pro-marijuana mom Megan Fox at your local dispensary.

Susan Sarandon

Veteran actress and political activist Susan Sarandon has long ruled as one of Hollywood’s most outspoken proponents of marijuana. Susan has always openly acknowledged her own love of the leaf and, as this mom of three told High Times, “I’ve said in print that I would rather have my kids smoking weed than drinking.”

In 2013, Susan also revealed the role that reefer has played in her Tinseltown life on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. After the host said, “Name one Hollywood event that you should show up to stoned,” Susan replied, “Only one? I would say almost all except the Oscars.”


Melissa Etheridge

Music legend and tireless cannabis advocate Melissa Etheridge not only acknowledges that she started smoking pot at 21, she says weed absolutely helped save her life while she was battling breast cancer.

Since then, Melissa has released her own line of cannabis products and she has lovingly pointed out that she likes to smoke weed with her own adult children — Bailey Jean and Beckett.

In 2017, Melissa told Yahoo!, “It was funny at first, and then they realized it’s very natural [at the] end of the day. It brings you closer. I’d much rather have a smoke with my grown kids than a drink.”

Melissa added that she doesn’t partake in pot in front of her two younger kids. “My family, all four of my children, understand cannabis. They call it medicine,” she said. “I don’t smoke in front of them… [and] they completely understand cannabis is medicine. There’s no need to hide it. It’s normalized at home.”

Like her fellow celebrity pot-smoking mom Susan Sarandon, Melissa said she’d also prefer for her adult kids to use weed instead of alcohol. It’s a very different lesson regarding substances than what she learned from her own mom and dad.

“My parents [said] that weed… that pot was the worst thing,” Melissa said. “They were drinking, but don’t you dare smoke that pot! Cannabis, in this go-getting world, is good medicine. We are turning to alcohol, we are turning to opioids… cannabis is the one that’s not gonna hurt your liver. It’s not gonna kill you. If you overdose on cannabis, you fall asleep!”

A big round of applause for these badass moms who love to blaze. Happy Mother’s Day to all the marijuana mamas out there!

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