Expansion of the Cannabis College Oaksterdam University
This school offers a major in marijuana.
Published on July 15, 2015

Oaksterdam University, a non-accredited cannabis college, held a 10-session seminar in Washington at the end of June. The college has more than 100-students and has described itself a cross between a trade school and advocacy group; their slogan, with an ivy-league inspired crest, reads, “Cannabis freedom is closer than you think.”

The university opened in 2007 and costs students $800 -- which, comparing to the traditional cost of a college education, is a minimal price for a student’s future. During the seminar Dean of Oaksterdam University Aseem Sappal said, “It’s really important that you spread education because there’s way too much that people don’t realize. You’re going to continue to pass laws, and all of a sudden you’re going to start a dispensary, which is great. But who’s going to teach you how to open that dispensary? Who’s going to teach you how to cultivate?”

The Oaksterdam administration believes federal legalization is in the near future and the university is looking to expand and open multiple campuses around the nation in addition to their flagship campus in Oakland, California. New York City or Washington D.C have been rumored as the next possible campus locations. Who is ready to go back to school?

Isabel Rolston
Isabel is a student at Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts in New York City and is studying non-fiction writing, dance, and contemporary music. She is originally from Los Angeles - the Valley to be exact - and although she loves NYC, her alliance is with the West Coast. In her free time Isabel likes to dance in front of the mirror, listen to music, and smoke cannabis.
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