Being the critical thinker that you are, you’ve probably pondered how cannabis is a legal and lucrative enterprises in some states, but all aspects of it are considered illegal in others. Drug dealing and sex work have traditionally been ways of escaping a capitalist system that encourages (and in many cases forces) one to subscribe to the idea of spending the majority of one’s time on Earth working for someone else in exchange for compensation and little time to yourself. 

While some progress has been made in not criminalising those who partake in the cannabis, many financially successful cannabis conglomerates are profiting from weed it while ignoring its history. While pornography has become more mainstream in any sense, the stigma around sex workers has not drastically changed, and they still face discrimination. How does our system continue to allow this? 

On the latest episode of "Queens of the Stoned Age," MERRY JANE managing editor Mira Gonzalez sits down with sex workers rights activist, gay adult performer, and Against Everyone Podcast host Conner Habib, as well as USC feminist studies professor and author Dr. Heather Berg. After the duo contributed an article to MERRY JANE’s Sex Week, we thought it only logical to continue the fascinating conversation around sex and labor. 

Over an expertly-rolled blunt stuffed with bud provided by our good friends the Green Angels, Gonzalez, Habib and Berg (be on the lookout for her book Porn Work) got into the nitty gritty of multi generational structural change, the shortcomings of the #metoo movement, the misplaced perception that sex work is a threat to the nuclear family, the difference between actual sex and simulated sex on screen, and plenty more.