Comedians Share the Best Jokes They’ve Written While Stoned
What do white noise apps, Planet Earth, “Space Jam,” “Free Willy” and mean Martha Stewart have in common? They’re all joke fodder, written by comedians who were high AF.
Published on December 18, 2018

It’s 1 AM, I’m stoned at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, smoking weed with my friends on a Monday. This is nothing unusual. Suddenly, I start to think about how funny it would be if someone downloaded a white noise app that played the sound of parents fighting. I quickly write it down and revisit it the next day while sober. After my altered state of consciousness dissipated, the joke remained, only to become one of my best jokes. The full joke is, ‘I found a cure to my insomnia recently, I downloaded a white noise app that plays the sound of parents fighting.’ I truly believe that cannabis helped me unlock this golden thought-nugget. 

When you are a comedian, the writing process can be tedious and relentless. You carefully choose the right words in order for a joke to work, and you have to constantly generate new material for the stage, the writer’s room, or your new special. You have to be open to allowing the creativity to flow in, and sometimes cannabis makes that process easier. To prove my point, I talked to some comedian friends who inspire me, and asked about the best jokes they’ve written while stoned.


The Lucas Brothers (the identical twin stand-ups, known for On Drugs, Lucas Bros Moving Co., and The Tonight Show) said “we’re pretty certain we were stoned while we were constructing most of our material. The good, the bad, the ugly. We’ve never really judged the quality of our jokes. We suppose the Space Jam bit is one of our more abstract ones. We don't think it's our best joke, but we were certainly stoned while writing it. Some of the new stuff is pretty abstract, too.”

During their Space Jam bit, Kenny and Keith question how Michael Jordan convinced Charles Barkley to be in that movie. The Lucas Bros reenact the phone call that Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley had on November 13th, 1995 and it’s truly a unique and hilarious joke.

Sara Weinshenk.
Sara Weinshenk is a comedian, podcaster, and writer. She is known for her dark comedic voice & just recently completed Season 2 of her web-series "Stoned Science." Her podcast, Shenk, is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @princessshenk.
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