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Happy dab day, cannabis lovers!

Less than three months after the annual springtime festivities of 4/20, the weed world's newest high holiday — 7/10, aka "OIL" spelled upside down — is upon us. The July celebration is dedicated to all things cannabis oil and concentrates, and across the world stoners will be firing up butane torches, pressing rosin, and pulling on vape pens to pay tribute to weed's waxiest form.

To kill time while we wait for our dab nails to cool down, we've compiled a list of obscenely large, and potentially record-breaking, shatter hits documented on video. Despite being a relatively new form of THC consumption, pot fans around the world have spent the past few years constantly trying to outdo each other, inhaling as much concentrated cannabis as humanly possible — and then throwing in a few extra grams (or ounces) on top for good measure.

So sit back, relax, take a dab of your favorite sauce, and enjoy these over-the-top examples of today's holiday spirit.

Starting our exploration of excess with a video from all the way back in 2014 — before portable e-nails and low temp dabs were in fashion — a Denver stoner known only as Mountain Man toked steadily from a dual-nailed rig while helpful assistants dropped globs of wax on the glowing-hot titanium. All in all, Mr. Mountain consumes some 22.5 grams of oil before dropping his head between his arms in a victorious collapse. That's a lot of heat.

In 2015, a group of hash heads in the Pacific Northwest decided that one person breaking a dab record wouldn't suffice. Instead, the crew decided to hotbox an entire room with a stupefying 400 gram dab. Thrown onto a giant suspended metal plate heated with industrial torches, the bonfire dab immediately filled the room with a thick cloud — though it was unclear how much concentrate actually made it into the lungs of the giddy revelers.

Despite any official recognition, a quick trip down a few YouTube rabbit holes shows that at least one brave stoner has attempted to set a "world's largest dab" record. In 2016, Colorado's Studio 420 organized an informal competition, featuring a 31 gram dab consumed via two bucket-sized banger nails connected to one rig. After carb capping the ounce of shatter, assistants continually torched the nails further and brought out another torched rig, keeping the dab going for more than six minutes.

Earlier this year, yet another Denver dabber took the slab challenge a step further, piling 40 grams of THC distillate into a quartz banger before toking continuously for a damn-near 13 minutes. While taking the hit, torches flickered and fire alarms blared, adding some stressful sounds of danger to the ganja gauntlet.

Finally, we arrive at what is (as far as we can tell) the current unofficial world record for the largest individual dab. Coming in at a whopping 55 grams, the absurd solo session was taken from a five-nailed rig. After catching on fire during some initial dabbing, our fearless hero blew out the flames and returned immediately to the bong's mouthpiece, inhaling nearly two ounces of THC in one sitting. Not all heroes wear capes.

Happy 7/10 y'all — don't try to top these legends unless you've got excess fire hydrants (and water) on hand.

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