At this point in the summer, debilitating temperatures have eclipsed excitement, and we’ve all done something to regret. Whether it be that pool party hookup you shame blocked the next day, the $200 worth of Fashion Nova looks that will never fit right because you’re not Amber Rose, or the mai tai bender that ascended from hell, simple miscalculations like these are fleeting. What fun in the sun does to your skin, however, is not.

Cannabis beauty brands are gaining traction due to the plant’s incredible ability in combating inflammation, acne, and signs of aging. CBD, a cannabinoid found in marijuana as well as legal hemp, offers the analgesic properties you experience when smoking weed, without getting you mentally high.  A strong anti-inflammatory, CBD is particularly popular in beauty for its ability to soothe redness and swelling, tighten skin, and halt the production of sebum, the oil that causes acne. THC skin care lines have begun popping up as well, though only available in legal states. Benefits are similar to that of CBD, but with a flirty, topical kick.

Here are a some products to help manage your skin in whatever condition you may find yourself this summer, courtesy of the world’s coolest plant.

Apothecanna Calming Body Oil

The most common summer skin faux pas is, of course, a sunburn. One day at the beach can spiral into three days spent resembling a displaced Canadian tourist before you know it. Aside from aloe, which when bought contains weird dyes and feels as gross as it looks, the best remedy I’ve found to sooth and hydrate is Apothecanna’s Calming Body Oil.

First of all, Apothecanna products are superb. Fragrant and light, I’ve been using their full line for a year now. My skin has never looked better. The Calming Oil is perfect to ease redness, with 50mg of hemp-derived CBD in each bottle. The combination of argan and avocado oil, lavender, chamomile, and frankincense offers a distinct cooling sensation. If your sunburn is spawned from a particularly regrettable string of decisions, inhale the oil, as this divine concoction calms the mind, too.

Visit Apothecanna’s website for more on the company

High Gorgeous Nice Buns Cellulite Treatment

Fantasizing through winter, the plan seemed so simple. Exercise and eat right for a few months, then stunt about the place in a bikini, wowing every hater who ever doubted you. Suddenly, 4th of July rolls around, and a reality of expired pilates Groupons and burrito-induced thigh dimples shatters January’s visions of flexing on your ex at the BBQ.

High Gorgeous’s Nice Buns Cellulite Treatment is here to help. High Gorgeous is a new line of THC beauty products from the awesome, female-run edible brand Yummi Karma. Containing 100 mg of THC/THCA in each container, the cream utilizes espresso, witch hazel, cinnamon oil, and shea butter to firm problem areas.

Nice Buns contains THC, so it's not for sale online. If you don’t live in California or a legal state, you’re still in luck! High Gorgeous will be releasing their legal “Plain Jane” line, made with hemp derived CBD, on August 1st.

Visit High Gorgeous’s website for more on their various beauty products

CBD For Life Pure CBD Eye Serum

Youth is a beautiful thing. The wonder, the freedom, the skin’s impenetrable elasticity. Anything seemed possible, hot days in the sun. Then bills collide. Your friends get married. Credit scores mean something. Mortality hits, fine lines appear beneath your eyes, and you realize your mom was right about the sunscreen.

CBD For Life’s Pure CBD Eye Serum can help repair years of sun-induced damage caused by your former, guileless self. Apply the formula of CBD, antioxidant rich oils and extracts like cucumber, lime, and lavender in the morning and before bed to tighten delicate skin below the eyes. Botox is expensive, this serum is not.

Visit CBD For Life’s website for more on the company

Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil, the ultimate secret in summer beauty, is the most accessible form of cannabis skin care. Absent of CBD, which is found only in the leaves and stems of the plant, this cheap godsend is a fabulous alternative, curing everything sun, sea, and sweat has inevitably hurled in your direction.

While comparable to the myriad benefits of coconut oil, hemp seed oil is lighter, absorbing faster to alleviate dry skin. It’s not solid at room temperature, making a fantastic mask for hair damaged by chlorine and salt water. Avoid breakouts by massaging a thin layer on the face to draw out acne-causing sebum. Apply on nails to avoid breakage. Incorporate it into your diet for a healthy glow. As with the cannabis plant itself, the possibilities are literally endless. To start, try Manitoba Harvest’s hemp seed oil. You’ll thank us later.

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