Beyond the Blowtorch: A Beginner’s Guide to Safe, Easy, Convenient Dabbing
Getting into concentrates can be extremely overwhelming given the number of extracts and smoking devices that exist. That's why we broke down everything you need to know about dabbing.
Published on April 29, 2020

Look around. Take a sniff. Weed is everywhere, and thank Jah for that! It’s also great that the tech revolution in cannabis has changed the way we consume. It’s created variety, ubiquity, and effectiveness. “Dabbing” cannabis concentrates, for instance, continues to surge in popularity, even though many haven’t a clue what it means or how to do it.

That’s understandable. The recent, sudden leap from joints and bongs to dipping, dabbing, and vaporizing exotic oils in futuristic devices happened insanely fast. There are a million ways to consume cannabis these days — it can be daunting!

But that’s why we’re here, dear readers. It’s our job at MERRY JANE to guide you through the forever changing means of going green. That’s why we created a beginner’s guide to dabbing, concentrates, and the easiest way to get in on them.


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What Is a Dab, Anyway?

Dabs are highly concentrated doses of cannabis created by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. There are a number of different ways to pull the dreamy oils out of the plant. Regardless of the extraction method, the end result is pretty much the same: concentrates get you LIT.

The word “dab” is often used interchangeably with extracts and concentrates. Specific varieties include Wax, Shatter, Live Resin, and solvent-free rosin. But, those who like dabs also use the word as an action to refer to smoking the concentrate. (For instance, “Do you want to dab later?” or “Dabbing will get you really stoned, dude.”)


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Why Dab?

Because dabbing doesn’t require setting flower on fire, it is inherently cleaner, easier, and a more effective means of consuming cannabis. It’s essentially vaporizing. Believe it or not, it causes less damage to the lungs than standard smoking. Plus, these vaporized oils taste great and come in numerous flavors thanks to the rich terpenes that are also extracted from the plant.

In addition, the THC levels in concentrates typically range from 60 percent to 95 percent (and, occasionally, even higher). Therefore, the impact is almost immediate. That’s a clear win for anyone looking for a get lit quick situation. It’s also ideal for medical patients because they can precisely calculate their best dose and feel close to instant relief.

But one of the best arguments for concentrates is that it’s ideal for loading a proper hit, controlling temperatures, and designing the exact high you want. In other words, dabbing is great for controlling your high. So, if you’re worried about coughing a ton or that concentrates may be too strong, just remember that you can tinker around with temps, dosing, and even the terpenes you wish to consume, making it much different than consuming raw flower.


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So How Do You Dab?

Dabbing, as we know it, evolved from a practice known as “hot knifing.” This involved scraping resin from pipes and bongs, placing it between two red-hot butter knives, and inhaling the fumes. It seems crazy now! Modern dabbing is much more sophisticated, though heating up a rig (a bong-like smoking device) with a blow torch can still be overwhelming and off-putting.


Wait a Minute — I Need a Blowtorch?

The torch is where dabbing seems to dismay many potential consumers, particularly when paired with the glass oil rig. It’s hard to blame anyone who says it brings to mind a “crack pipe.”

That, of course, is the exact opposite of what dabbing is actually all about. Remember, smoking extracts is actually clean and simple, and offers fast-acting access to the bountiful benefits of the plant.

Beyond that unsavory association, another downside of conventional dabbing is that it requires a secure space with all this equipment. In the age of pens and edibles, having to stay home to get stoned can be a severe bummer.


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So, Is There an Easier, More Efficient Way to Dab?

With an ever-expanding marketplace, the cannabis industry continues to come up with dynamic responses to intimidating issues — that includes the trepidation of some would-be dabbers.

The Dipper, a portable vaporizer from the get-high heroes at Dip Devices, has already made history as an on-the-go dab pen.

Astoundingly, now, Dip Devices has topped even that previous triumph. EVRI is a discreet, portable, three-in-one vape pen and torchless dab straw that enables users to quickly switch from a 510 cartridge or refillable pod to a vapor tip — because the accessories are attached by a magnet. This level of convenience is insane!

EVRI also comes with three heat settings, a crazy long-lasting battery, and the aforementioned accessories: 510 cart/refillable pod attachment and a vapor tip atomizer.

As a result, EVRI supplies a full dab experience in the form of what looks, feels, and works like a standard vape pen. It goes where you go, the upkeep is easy, and it unlocks every advantage of concentrates in terms of flavor, potency, and kick — no glass pipes, no blowtorches, no trouble.

For a different elevation delivery, EVRI also works equally well with CBD. Dip Devices also donates 1 percent of its sales to drug policy reform via and


Courtesy of Dip Devices

What’s the Future of Dabbing?

EVRI is the future of dabbing-on-the-go. Dip Devices is set to release a quartz crystal atomizer for EVRI soon, and the company has other accessories in rapid development. 

So, the future is now. And it’s EVRI.

This was made in collaboration with Dip Devices.

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