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Baked to Perfection: Say Bye to Summer with This Stoned Pumpkin Pie Recipe
culture  |  Aug 30, 2017

Baked to Perfection: Say Bye to Summer with This Stoned Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Orcannic founder Fast Ronald brings the world the magic take-and-bake products we crave, as well as a recipe for those whose tastebuds “don’t have calendars.”

Orcannic founder Fast Ronald brings the world the magic take-and-bake products we crave, as well as a recipe for those whose tastebuds “don’t have calendars.”

Photos by Tyler Bradberry

Does anyone heed that wearing white after Labor Day rule anymore? No matter, after this weekend's parties, the hot mouth temperatures of summer will be on their way out (and calendar-official gone by September 22). Fast Ronald, the founder and co-owner of Orcannic, is embracing the seasonal shift, though. For example, he says we shouldn't have to wait to enjoy spicy pumpkin flavors typically reserved for autumn.

His Los Angeles-based company supplies dispensaries and delivery services with the stoner answer to a sleepover classic calling: They sell cannabis-infused raw cookie dough, as well as other cookies and "cannabis confectionaries." So it stands to reason the dude behind such a literally half-baked venture is not one for waiting.

So hang up your whites (they're probably stained with resin, let's be honest), try your hand at Ronald's beloved pumpkin pie recipe, and let's say it together: peace out summer, it's been real!

Fuck-Summer Stony Pumpkin Pie

Pie crust ingredients:
1 1/4 cup of all-purpose unbleached organic flour
1/4 teaspoon of fine sea salt
1/2 cup (1 stick) organic butter, chilled and diced
1/4 cup chilled water

Pie crust instructions:
In a large bowl, sift and combine flour and salt. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. A pastry/dough cutter works best, but if you don't own one, by hand is fine. Form a mound of the flour and butter mix. Create a hole roughly 2 inches deep. Mix in water, 1 tablespoon at a time, lightly mixing after each. Make sure not to overmix the dough. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.

Pie filling ingredients:
1 medium pie pumpkin—make sure it's specifically a pie pumpkin
2 large brown organic eggs
3/4 cup packed organic brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon of fine sea salt
1 1/2 teaspoon of organic cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of organic ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon of organic clove
1 organic vanilla bean cleaned, or 2 teaspoon of vanilla paste
1 cup of organic heavy whipping cream
2 grams of ground cannabis
Tea steeper, cheese cloth, or sifter


Preheat oven to 350 F.

Rinse and dry pumpkin. Cut in half using a serrated knife. Scoop out seeds using a spoon or melon scoop. Place face down on a lightly coconut-oiled baking sheet. Bake for 30-45 minutes, or until the pumpkin is soft. Once fully cooked, allow to cool and peel the skin from the pumpkin. Mash until smooth. Bump temperature to 425 F.

Heat cream on low and steep cannabis for 3-5 inches of a tea steeper or cheese cloth. If neither is available, you can just put the cannabis directly into the cream and strain after steeping. Set cream aside.

Roll pie crust out and lay over a 9-inch pie pan. Use culinary scissors to cut off any excess pie crust, but leave a bit extra for shaping the crust and shrinkage. Place pie pan in freezer.

Whisk eggs into the pumpkin purée 1 egg at a time. Add the spices and sugar next, making sure to whisk the entire time. Temper in the cannabis-infused heavy cream until all ingredients are mixed and you reach a nice smooth consistency.

Remove pie crust from the freezer and pour the pumpkin pie filling into the pie crust, filling it as full as possible.

Cook pie for 15 minutes at 425 F, then switch to 350 F for 40-45 minutes, or until a knife can be inserted without any filling being stuck to the knife. Once cooked, remove and allow to cool for 3 hours. Best if refrigerated overnight and served next day.

MERRY JANE: Tell me a little about how Orcannic got started. What is the business like now and where are products available?
Fast Ronald:
Orcannic started by chance. I was working as a cannabis consultant for a few dispensaries when I noticed something missing: take-and-bake products. So I did some research on the most commonly sold and accepted edibles and thought to myself, "How can I do this better?" The idea of a fresh baked edible anytime I wanted without the hassle of making an entire batch of cookies really opened my eyes. I spent 14 months doing research on ingredients, recipes, potency, sales, etc. Once I developed a recipe I was content with, I reached out to a friend who is now my business partner, he handled the packaging and design, and here we are today.

The business is growing. The idea is catching on. Right now you can purchase Orcannic at The 710 Lounge in Compton, Wake & Bake Breakfast Club in North Hollywood, and at the Go Gourmet Green Delivery service for deliveries in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Long Beach areas.

What do people routinely get wrong about edibles?
With my experience, the dosage is the most common misunderstanding. The reality is, unless you're getting your edible tested, you have no real way of knowing the strength. There's plenty of online recipes that have general guidelines to potency, but that's just a guessing game. Even with some of the edible companies, the labeled potencies are so manipulated that it creates a false sense of strength. I was always under the impression that the higher the number the better, but that was based on my perception as a consumer. Marketing plays such a huge role.

The average consumer will buy the highest potency edible, but in reality, most of the smaller edible companies give false potency so that it's more attractive from a marketing aspect. This is where the false sense of potency is created. If I had any suggestion for anyone reading who wants to create their own edibles it's: Start small. You can always get higher, but sometimes starting off big with edibles can be a wild ride. The real only way is trial-and-error based on your own tolerance. Which can be a fun trial-and-error session.

What's your personal relationship to cannabis like? How is consuming it in an edible versus smoking/vaping/dabbing different? What kind of occasion calls for which method of consumption?
For the past 10 years, cannabis has been a major faction in my life [and] transformed into my passion. Once I understood how much cannabis actually helped me on a daily basis beyond just a high, my entire perception of it changed. ... I began to notice its effects as a medical option, as a financial security, and career option.

Consuming [edible] cannabis, in my opinion, is the most intense form of consumption. We all know that cannabis is a psychoactive, but rarely do you reach those levels from smoking, vaping, or dabbing. Edibles can have you really feeling trippy if you consume too much. It's the feeling of a smoking, vaping, dabbing, magnified by 420 percent. It's a full-functioning body and head high.

I think every person has their own preferred methods for individual occasions, so I'm not sure I can speak in a general sense, but I can offer my personal list. ... If I have to run errands, or function in public, it's flame and flower. If I have to focus, but still want to be high, I tend to choose the volcano vaporizer. It's more of a manageable high. If I'm going to be out for long periods of time, or I've just had a long day, I'll do some dabs. When I know I don't have any responsibilities for the rest of the day, or an entire day depending on how much fun I want to have, I'll eat some edibles.

Why are people so salty about pumpkin and spicy flavors during hot months?
Maaaan, the best answer I have for that is people are silly. If you really think about it, we're not supposed to have any fruit or vegetable out of its natural season, but I just ate a grapefruit at Whole Foods this morning. Maybe the idea that it's part of Thanksgiving plays a part, but personally, I'll eat a cold piece of pumpkin pie on July 4th, November 27th, or February 14th — it's all the same to me. My taste buds don't have a calendar.

Tell us about the pumpkin pie recipe you're sharing today. Any pairing suggestions?
The recipe I'm sharing today is one I created in 2012. I'm not a big fan of evaporated milk, or canned pumpkin, so I created this recipe using fresh pumpkin and heavy whipping cream. It's a bit more work, but it's worth the little extra effort. I'll first start by saying I'm a firm believer that the best foods are created with the best ingredients possible, so I always advocate for organic and fresh products. I'm including my personal pie crust recipe, as well. I have two pairing suggestions, one a bit light, and the other with more of a kick. If we want to keep it classy, grab a bottle of Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois. It's a crisp dessert wine. However, if we want to be a bit more rugged, I suggest a nice rum. I prefer Flor De Cana myself.

For more on Fast Ronald and Orcannic, visit the company's website here

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