There’s no denying that we’re total fans of the awesome “Atlantic Drift” series over here at Merry Jane. You’d think that after four episodes that the all-star cast of street rippers like Tom Knox, Casper Brooker, Remy Taveira, and Mike Arnold would give us a break, or at the very least slow down the quality and productivity of their output. Absolutely not! Not only is the crew back across the pond and having their way on their four wheels around London, but the edit seems to have become even more visually absurd (in the best way possible).

AD's cuts have always been dreamy and ethereal, but this time around Episode 5’s visual cues have taken a quirkier turn. Apart from the incredible skating you’ll notice some very interesting pop-up and floating heads make their way in and about the scenes. There are two possibilities here—the level of stoned editing has definitely increased, or someone’s really trying to mess with the viewers, because this one gets pretty weird and funny at times. No foul, however, as the skating (the most important part) remains incredibly creative and good. 

Episode 5 also has it’s own focus: the never-not-fun hippy jump. It’s such an old school trick (that dates back to the Dogtown era) and yet, for some reason, modern skateboarding still continues to adopt it and incorporate it into the odd line here and there. In this case there’s more than a few, and let’s be real, we’re pretty sure that at least two or three of them are NBDs (meaning no one’s ever captured hippie hijinks like that on film.)

“Atlantic Drift” continues to forge ahead as one of the more premier and consistent skate edit series’ out. If you’re betting on which videos out of the plethora deserve your time and attention, our advice is that you can’t lose with AD.

Keep ‘em coming lads!