Our latest episode of “About That Time” (broadcasting every Tuesday & Thursday at 4:20pm ET on Facebook Live) got good and stoned with Chicago singer Jean Deaux. Sponsored by the good folks at Mezz Brands vapes and THC Design, we sparked things off with a packed Backwoods and a look at Jean’s Instagram for our social media stalking segment, Picture Me Scrolling. Deep on Jean’s page we found stories about kinship with Kehlani, representing the west side on stage, vacations to Jamaica, and why shopping is on the top of her shit list.

After closing out our social media breakdown with the second half of Jean’s blunt, we rolled the news, looking into the social and physical benefits of trading prescription pills for pot, Seattle’s new plan to clear cannabis convictions from their records, and NFL running back Mike James’ attempt to finally bring medical marijuana to professional football, leading Jean to push for a more socially conscious football league to replace the tired old NFL. Of course, it wouldn’t be 4:20 without Astrology Time, where Jean’s impending birthday gave us our most spot-on reading in months. For more Jean Deaux, listen to her new song, “Energy,” dropping this week, and look out for her next full-length coming soon.

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