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9 of the Best Dab Tools You Can Buy

Consume cannabis concentrates in style.

by Zoe Wilder

by Zoe Wilder

As the popularity of consuming concentrated forms of cannabis soars higher, designers are meeting the demand with a flurry of creative and sophisticated dabbing technologies, ideal for both the novice and seasoned professional. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your rig and dabbing accessories or on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift, this curated list of dapper dab tools is so desirable, it’s downright intoxicating.

ErrlyBird Torch Art

Torch Art features limited-edition original artwork created specifically for ErrlyBird’s high performance butane torches. This particular torch is named “Krunked Up,” and was designed by Marissa Favazza, a.k.a. Fab Art. With a lifetime warranty and Quik-Fire ignition system, you have nothing to lose by supporting the arts.

BudderBlocks PocketSlab

The BudderBlocks PocketSlab is an airtight, aroma-proof concentrate container. Available in an array of colors, PocketSlabs feature a unique stacking mechanism that encourages users to construct fun Lego-like structures. Made with Platinum-cured medical-grade silicone, these on-the-go storage storage boxes are ideal for storing sticky shatters, waxes, and more. They even have built-in dividers for storing multiple items.

KandyPens Icon 510 Kit


ICON 😍 LED Illuminated Dab Rig #kandypensicon #kandypens

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The KandyPens Icon 510 Kit is a powerful, high-end, LED illuminated, portable eRig system with water filtration attachment, magnetic carb cap, and loading tool. It comes with three nails in quartz, ceramic, and titanium, as well as micro-USB passthrough charging capabilities.

ResÖlution Res Caps


#ResCaps are your travel piece's best friend 👊😎💨 #cleanglass #travelbong #messfree #morethanamilehigh

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Res Caps are made of out silicone and universally stretch and seal over any glass rig, allowing you to store the rig discreetly and clean it both quickly and safely. Simply pour a half cup of isopropyl alcohol into your rig, add a few tablespoons of epsom or any large grain salt, fit the caps over the openings, and shake gently for about five minutes, or more if it’s really resinous. Once you’re satisfied with scrubbing, pop off the caps, rinse everything out with warm water, and enjoy seshing out of a sparkling clean piece.


Protect your clothing and furniture from sticky and gooey resin with Moodmats. Created out of 100 percent up-cycled rubber scrap material, these artistic yet utilitarian dab pads are tough, resilient, recyclable, moisture-repelling, and easy to clean with soapy water.

Jerome Baker Designs Bakerbots

Collect all five Jerome Baker Designs Bakerbots glass dab rigs, one for you and the rest for your crew. Handmade and decaled, each inventive, robotic work of art boasts a big personality and bundles with a lunch box-style metal carrying case, as well as domeless quartz nail with a 10mm female nail.

Emperial Yums

Handcrafted in Oregon by Emperial Glass, these super fun and realistic Emperial “yums” lollipop dabbers are 3 1/4 inches in length, function well as a carb cap, and come in an assortment of delicious colors. Their kitschy nature will bring a smile to both medical patients and recreational users alike.

Puffco Plus

With its sleek ergonomic design, easy-clean threading, coilless all-ceramic chamber and fingerprint resistant coating, it’s no wonder the Puffco Plus vape pen is winning over extract enthusiasts. Designed in Brooklyn, Puffco set out to make the safest and healthiest vaporizing pen possible. Fun features like “Sesh Mode” enable sharing, providing 12 seconds of continuous vaporization with only two clicks of the power button. This cool feature and others set the Puffco Plus apart from other pens on the market.

Tré Rolling Trays Three-Tone Almighty Dab Rolling Tray

Showcase your most cherished glass rig and chic smoking accessories while keeping your oil and flower organized with a sophisticated three-toned walnut, black palm, and maple wood rolling tray. Handmade in Austin, Texas, by Milinda Hernandez, this functional work of art comes with two silicone concentrate jars, one non-stick pad, and a carb cap dabber. The Almighty makes a lovely centerpiece for any tabletop.


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Zoe Wilder

Zoe Wilder is a writer based in Portland, Oregon, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the College of William & Mary and a Master of Social Work from Fordham University.



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