The relationship between marijuana and pop culture isn’t anything new. From "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" to "Pineapple Express", Americans everywhere have fallen in love with movies about getting high. Turning on the tube and enjoying a flick isn’t where the marijuana and movie relationship ends, however. Cannabis culture and pop culture have a strong bond, demonstrated by the fact that those developing and naming strains often do so with inspiration from their favorite movies. Here are few of the strains that are named after silver screen cannabis classics.

Pineapple Express

The sativa-dominant strain Pineapple Express has become something of a legend thanks to it’s namesake, the Seth Rogen–James Franco collaborative. It’s one of the best cannabis comedies ever made and the marijuana that shares its name is incredible. But we still find ourselves wondering if the strain motivated the movie or vice versa. Seth Rogen claims that the movie came first, and we like to think that’s true!

Master Jedi & Master Yoda

Fans of "Star Wars" may usually be found at conventions or in their parents’ basements, but some of them also share a love of cannabis. Master Jedi, an indica strain, and Master Yoda, a hybrid with a 20% THC level that won the Cannabis Cup in 2012, are just two of the many Star Wars–inspired strains that are recommended by frequent users.

Jack The Ripper

Watching a scary movie when you’re high requires a brave soul and it’s that bravery that motivated the creation of the Jack The Ripper marijuana strain. This “killer” sativa-dominant strain has a high level of THC, which makes for a quick, strong high that users love. While Jack The Ripper is a serial killer who inspired a TV show as well as the movie "From Hell", we figured he’d fit well in the list.

Charlotte’s Web

While the motivation behind Charlotte’s Web didn’t come from the movie, it was almost impossible not to name it after the famous children’s story. This popular strain with less than 1% THC was given a lot of attention due to the fact that it was specially bred with the intent to cure seizures in a young girl with epilepsy named Charlotte. The strain is highly recommended for it’s medicinal uses with minimal psychoactive side-effects.

Snow White

The age old fairy tale made ever so popular by Disney was practically begging to have a strain named after it. Snow White encourages a happy, euphoric and relaxed high—not one that's dopey, bashful or grumpy. This strain will take you on a wonderful, whimsical adventure, much like the one the princess and her seven helpful dwarves experienced in the film.

Mr. Tusk & White Walrus

If you haven’t watched "Tusk", we recommend that you do. It’s a very twisted flick in which the main character slowly turns into a walrus. During its promotional run, Tusk chalked up a deal with a dispensary in LA to temporarily rename two strains to complement components of the movie. The strains—Mr. Tusk and White Walrus—are incredibly complex, keeping with the spirit the movie itself.

Alice in Wonderland

The ever-so-famous Lewis Carroll story has been told and retold by numerous storytellers and movie directors, but it’s particularly known for its strong ties to mind-altering substances. Although cannabis won’t make you see smiling cats and weird colors, the Alice in Wonderland strain will make you feel euphoric and is perfect for relaxing or exploring the great outdoors.

Marijuana and movies will always have a relationship like that of Forrest Gump and his sweetheart Jenny: they “go together like peas and carrots.” Based on these strain names alone, we know the two will continue to play off each other in new and exciting ways—and we can’t wait to see what the next Hollywood blockbuster might inspire.