Ah, 4/20. The day weed lovers unite in hazy glory to get stoned and celebrate the power of the plant. But as legalization has shifted the cannabis landscape in the US, there seems to be a lot more to celebrate this 4/20. For one, since Jan. 1, 2021, a handful of states have flipped from prohibition states to free-flowing green ones, including New York, New Mexico, and Virginia. There are now 18 states across the United States that have adult-use weed laws!

Stoners also got screwed out of last year’s ultimate 4/20 celebrations, thanks to the pandemic. So, this year is redemption. We will be able to semi-unite again (wearing masks, of course!) with a newfound sense of appreciation for connecting with others who love leafy greens and celebrating freedom.

Weed is the reason we got through the last year. It helped us remember that there is still beauty in the world. So, even though this 4/20 will still feel a bit different than those of our pre-pandemic past, this one stands as a reminder of celebrating what makes us feel good. That’s why we created this list! These products facilitate all the good feels. They make every environment better, spread good vibrations, and help break the ice with strangers who become friends. That’s why we love weed and plan to celebrate it for the rest of our lives. We hope you do, too! 

Enjoy this 4/20 and stay safe, friends!


Smoking Paper

If you think 420 should be a bank holiday, then you are on our side! Are you stoned yet? Getting ready to have a hell of a party? Then check out what Smoking® Paper has prepared for you!

For this 420 Party Pack, they offer the ultimate Smoking Kit – Deluxe Cones King Size, Brown King Size, and Smoking Brown 1¼, 100 percent natural vegetable gum, environmentally-friendly paper, with a high level of transparency no colorings or other additives. Become a professional smoker with this kit, and add it to your CV!

Smoking® Paper is one of the leading rolling paper brands worldwide with a presence in all five continents and marketed in more than 100 countries.

Smoking® Paper uses pure vegan Arabic gum in all its papers. This gum comes exclusively from the Senegalensis acacia tree, also called acacia gum. Moreover, raw material used to produce its papers is Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, certified, with a total commitment to sustainability and minimum environmental impact. To get this approval, the production and sourcing of pulp to produce its papers are audited and constantly kept under control. Only specialized producers can fulfill the chain-of-custody that requires this demanding certification.

Smoking® donates a portion of its sales to the Trees.org charity, a non-governmental organization that has decided to plant 500 million trees in Sub-Saharan Africa to create a green wall to slow down deforestation, start mitigating climate change, and help local farmers attain a sustainable way of living. You can see these types of initiatives and much more on the Smoking® Instagram account. 

Smoking® is more than a rolling paper. They are an open and committed brand. From Barcelona to all cannabis-lovers: Smoking® is here! Join Smoking and pass it!

To learn more or roll your own, visit the Smoking® Paper website

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Delivering high-quality products safely and conveniently to your doorstep. Sign up with Amuse now to get this exclusive, limited-time blazing promo code.

Enter “30STACK” at the Amuse website to get in on the 420 offer!



Wonderbrett’s vision is simple: Flavor over everything. Their extensive genetics library has taken decades to develop an output of unmatched flavor and terpene profiles reflecting their rich heritage and history. 

The creativity behind their strain selection has been one of the largest factors to the success of Wonderbrett, allowing them to garner lifelong customers who consistently come back for their full-bodied flavors that burst with aromatic terpenes.

Get lifted on primo genetics by visiting the Wonderbrett website


Evergreen Herbal

It’s 4:20 Somewhere!

The Gin & Chronic Project is a refreshing cannabis-infused experience with adapted cocktail classics and original BlazeTM Sodas, HiLite™ and Tea’d Up™ beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes.

What makes a good cocktail? Ultimately, the creators behind The Gin & Chronic Project believe it is the ingredients and experience a cocktail provides. Not everybody’s hand fits in the same glove: Some people like alcohol, some people like cannabis, and some people like both! That’s why Lov Carpenter, mixologist extraordinaire, crafted a unique cocktail list exclusively for The Gin & Chronic Project, utilizing her extensive knowledge of fine ingredients and flavor melding. See what she’s mixing up over at The Gin & Project today. 

Every month The Gin & Chronic Project will share new seasonal recipes to help you add some sparkle to your favorite festivities. If you’re in Washington, stop by your favorite dispensary and pick up their original infused beverages. To stay up to date on new releases, follow The Gin & Chronic Project on social media or sign up for their newsletter. Visit The Gin & Chronic Project website for a FREE downloadable e-book with 16 cannabis-infused cocktail recipes for every season.


Make a toast and get uber toasty by visiting the Gin & Chronic Project’s website



Olala, pronounced OH-lah-lah means “sun-kissed.” That’s how they feel about their products: Kissed by the sun and the cannabis gods. Olala’s simple values are shaped by the islands. Love your life, love what you do, and love the people you serve.

Olala believes true greatness starts with passion, and they instill that passion in every beverage, oil, and extract they produce. Olala is more than just their name. It’s their culture, their heritage, and their way of life. And they invite you to join them. After all, it’s Aloha Friday somewhere!

To find out where to get Olala’s delicious tropical infused-drinks, visit their website



MAPLEJUANA creates one-of-a-kind cannabis products that feature the sweet taste of pure Maple Syrup. Their Maple Syrup is a versatile ingredient that can be incorporated into your food at home. We are proud to support the Muskoka Region and the cannabis community.

To find MAPLEJUANA’s products nearest you, check out their website


2one2 Dispensary 

Easily get your hands on the area’s best products at the 2one2 California cannabis dispensary in San Francisco. As the only dispensary in the financial district, 2one2 is conveniently located near the Embarcardero Center, Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Pier 3, Rincon Park, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and more.

Stop by to browse 2one2’s selection of quality flower, potent concentrates, convenient vapes, tasty edibles, and more. Their staff will help you find the right products for your goals so you can have a great experience, whether it’s your first time using cannabis or just your latest session.

In the Bay Area or passing through? Visit 2one2’s website



Select Squeeze is a THC-infused beverage enhancer. Transform any drink into a THC-infused, flavor-enhanced experience. Advanced nanotechnology makes for a fast-acting effect, while the fill-and-pour reservoir makes dosing a breeze. Take it any time. Mix it with ease. Feel it fast.

To make any drink 420-friendly this 4/20, visit the Select Squeeze website



You know how sometimes size matters? Like the super-sized options at the local fast food joint — stupid-large soda, stupid-large fries — all for a small sum of money and you’re golden. When it comes to enjoying your bud, however, this is not the case

When was the last time you found yourself with too much weed? You’d try your hardest to finish a full-sized jay only to find yourself too lit, wasting it, or worse, having to put it out and walking around smelling like a burnt forest. Nope! Pass!

When it comes to getting elevated, less is more! And what better way to explain that than with your very own teensy, weensy, Weedsy? Their smaller-everything approach is sure to be your new favorite, one-and-done solution to getting high AF. Check out the guide below on all the reasons you should factor Weedsy into your daily blazing ritual.

1. Sharing Is Not Caring

In the age of COVID, sharing is no longer the thing to do. For you know, health reasons and stuff. Weedsy’s mini pre-rolls are just 0.4 grams, making these the ultimate solution for those embracing the me, myself, and I attitude.

2. They Slap

You’re probably thinking, how can something so small get me as high as I’d like? Well, all Weedsy mini pre-rolls are infused, too. Top-shelf flower rolled with flavored distillate and smothered in kief. At a little less than half a gram per pre-roll, these will get you nice and lit before you know it.

3. The Perfect Opportunity to Try A New Fave

Given the small size of Weedsy’s pre-rolls, you now have access to trying as many flavors as you’d like, all without making a massive dent in your wallet.

Ready to give them a try? You can find a Weedsy perfect for you in an instant. Check to see if your local dispensary is carrying Weedsy today!

Learn more about the teensy, eensy Weedsy and where it find ‘em by visiting the website


Happy Kit 

Have you ever lost your lighter? Dropped and broke your glass bowl? Can’t remember which jeans pocket you left your rolling papers in? If you answered yes to any of these, you’ll love the Happy Kit! Happy Kit is the first brand of all-in-one 420 and 710 kits.

Happy Kit is the first aid kit for tokers, a super-convenient, smell-proof, shock-proof stash case packed with all your essential smoking or dabbing accessories. Dab or smoke anywhere, any time! 

For your next adventure on-the-go, whether at the park, at the beach, at a festival, on a ski trip, on a roller coaster, or on the Moon, make sure to stay happy with your Happy Kit! Happy Kit has a kit for every toker and every occasion, from the Happy Kit Mini to the upscale Very Happy Kit or the new Happy fanny packs, you can find the right Happy for you. Or, be a pal and gift happiness to a friend.

If that’s not enough of a reason to own a Happy Kit, Happy Kit donates 10 percent of all online sales to U-Matter, an organization that helps teens overcome social anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Bring some happiness into your life and visit the Happy Kit website


House of Flowers

Located between Echo Park and Silverlake, this unique street fashion-inspired dispensary will stand out among its peers due to its unique design. The Hispanic family-owned business is driven by its premium in-house brand, House of Flowers, which showcases some of the most unique packaging and finest flowers on the market right now. 

House of Flowers features three strains: The Coast (indica), The Heights (hybrid) and Downtown (sativa). Each inspired by the unique energies LA emanates, this LA-native family is passionate about curating products that put you in tune with the energy of the areas the strains are named after. 

The first House of Flowers storefront features an in-house delivery service, with a max radius of 10 miles from the dispensary. However, we suggest walking inside for an experience or beating the rush with in-store pickup. Or, you can skip the line and order online, here.

This location has much to offer. Its knowledgeable budtenders — or, as they like to call them, ”florists” — will let you know about daily deals, special promotions, or important cannabis info you didn’t know you needed! 

Let’s not forget the killer 20%-off deal for all first-time patients and 15% off for referrals! If that’s not enough to get down to the shop, House of Flowers also features a merchandise section inside the store, as they pride themselves on the ability to provide quality clothing just as much as they do flowers! Treat yourself to some flowers today and visit House of Flowers for all your cannabis and fashion needs!

Get House of Flowers delivered or check out the menu by visiting their website



Waxmaid created the world’s first durable, USA-made silicone water pipe. Established in 2016, they offer water pipes, hand pipes, nectar collectors, blunt bubblers and accessories we designed by tokers, for tokers.

420 is around the corner, there are some new arrivals at Waxmaid. Never miss your new items during their 420 Sale! Save 25% sitewide on all silicone water pipes, glass dab rigs, herb grinders, dry pipes, accessories, and more.

Waxmaid’s newly released Ares Dab Rig is quite the hit right now, with a fast-heating nail, 60-session battery life, and all in a small size for toking on the go. Ares is made of medical-grade platinum-cured silicone, high-grade glass, protecting the rig and keeping you and the homies safe. 

Scope out Waxmaid’s products, including the ultra-durable Ares Dab Rig, at their website


The PowerHitter

We are stoked to help reintroduce this blast-from-the-past classic. Since the ’70s, the PowerHitter has been known as the quickest and easiest way to extract a joint’s maximum potential. The new PowerHitter pays homage to the classic design while updating it with modern materials to recreate this generation’s ultimate joint smoking accessory. 

How does it work? You simply insert a lit pre-roll into the holder in the cap. Screw it on, find the carb/hole and squeeze. Don’t lip it! Just grip it and rip it! 

The air inside the PowerHitter’s bulb forces smoke down the joint, through the nozzle, and into your mouth. This action allows for massive, clean hits among a group of friends without anyone sharing germs. Instant shotgun hits with contactless delivery provides years of fun and phat rips! 

No more wet, slobbery joints. Never worry about falling asleep with a lit jay. This inexpensive and fun device makes a great gift for joint smokers who like to mix things up and for those who want to share with friends and loved ones in a safer way. Purchase multiple PowerHitters and save. Check pricing on their website for complete details.

Learn more about the PowerHitter, or grab one for yourself, at their website


Kosmik Brands

Kosmik Brands landed on Earth in 2019 with a gummy that defied gravity and transcended its competitors. From day one, they’ve remained committed to taste, texture, potency, and quality, and since then have led the industry in innovation and development of products that break boundaries… and they’re just getting started. Welcome to Kosmik Brands. Buckle up for lift-off.

  • Taste: Edibles should taste GOOD, right? Kosmik agrees. Developing their variety of luscious fruit flavors was a labor of love and attention to detail – their commitment to making Kosmik edibles the tastiest in the industry.
  • Texture: Right alongside their unrivaled standards for taste is a focus on creating the ideal texture for every product. Kosmik’s curing methods allow them to control firmness and moisture levels, delivering a perfectly balanced experience.
  • Potency: Kosmik has developed a proprietary THC measuring process, which ensures accurate dosing and consistency with every piece.
  • Quality: Their standards are high (no pun intended) and they hold their cannabis oil suppliers to those same standards. Kosmik will never add anything to its edibles that you can’t trust to be of the best quality.

Bring a universe of flavor to your tummy by visiting the Kosmik Brands website


Galactic Greens

Strap in and prepare for lift-off with Galactic Greens cosmic chronic!

Galactic Greens offers a variety of premium hemp-based products that are out of this world! Their potent 1g oil cartridges contain 95% delta-8 THC with incredible flavors such as Sour Space Candy, Banana Kush, Tangerine Haze, and more.

You can also explore the inner and outer workings of the universe with Galactic Greens gummies, too. Each gummy packs 25mg of delta-8 in every bite-sized piece.

Get 10% off your first order by visiting the Galactic Greens website


Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe is a small American-owned online smoke shop designing unique lines of freezable bongs, bubblers, pipes, and more. These thick glass pieces feature various combinations of glycerin coils, which work to cool smoke by more than 300°F.

Glycerin is a non-toxic, gel-like liquid commonly found in food and sweeteners. It freezes quicker and stays frozen longer than water, not to mention it’s 100 percent organic! 

Learn more or get frosty with your own Freeze Pipe by visiting their website



Moonwlkr continues to push the limits with delta-8 THC, a cannabinoid naturally found in the hemp plant. 

Delta-8-THC is chemically different from delta-9-THC – the compound in cannabis that makes us feel really good – but only by one atomic bond. Because of this, delta-8-THC still offers a potent high that they know you’ll love, without the paranoia and anxiety effects many users experience with traditional marijuana. 

There is one other major difference, though. Delta-8, since it is derived from hemp, is federally legal (in most places) because of the 2018 Farm Bill, and Moonwlkr ships to almost all states!

Moonwlkr has been on our radar over the past few months, as their loyal following continues to grow exponentially, carving out their niche in an industry that we see no signs of slowing down (so long as it stays legal of course!).

Now isn’t the time to sleep on delta-8. And as far as Moonwlkr goes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find gummies that taste this good and deliver the high we know you’re searching for.

A must-have for the 4/20 holiday. 

Their customer service is top-notch, too, and their social presence is taking the industry by storm.

To keep up-to-date with new products and discounts, as well as any news and information on delta-8-THC, head on over to @MoonwlkrTHC and give the guys and gals over there a follow.

Learn more about delta-8-THC, or to find out where to get Moonwlkr, visit their website

**This was made in partnership with the brands on this list.