Believe it or not, cannabis is an amazing way to improve your relationship. It’s one of those substances that makes you think more intuitively, dig deeper into what interests you and even feel things that will blow your mind. When you smoke the right strain, you’ll likely open up in many ways, making life—and more specifically your love life—that much better. Whether things between you and your partner need a little work or you’re just ready to grow together in new ways, many problems can be solved with just a little help from your favorite flower.

It Makes Sex Incredible

One area that needs work in many relationships (and is pretty fun to work on) is sex. If you’re not satisfied in the sheets, this is likely going to affect your relationship in other ways, too. Luckily there’s a way to spice it up. For women, there’s a cannabis-infused lubricant called Foria. It makes things a little more sensitive down there, making the entire experience much more enjoyable. Be careful though—it’s not latex safe, so use proper protection! If you can’t get your hands on Foria, smoking marijuana can help too. THC attaches to cannabinoids and makes you more sensitive to smell and touch. It also gives you the perception of time being a lot slower than it is, making sex feel longer and allowing you to get lost in the waves of pleasure.

It Lowers Chances of Separation, Depression

As you might imagine, depression amongst partners leads to a higher rate of separation or divorce. When you’re depressed about things outside of your relationship and you bring it inside, your overall satisfaction with your love life may take a huge hit. A study found that marijuana can be effective in combating depression, making it a useful tool for the couple that needs a boost. Smoking cannabis with your partner can go a long way; it’ll calm your nerves and get you relaxed so you can focus on what’s in front of you rather than all the other stressors in the world that are bringing you down. Keep your spheres separate and your heart happy by indulging with your partner every now and again.

It Lowers Likelihood of Domestic Violence

A study by Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions and Research Institute on Addictions found that couples who smoked together had a lower likelihood of committing any sort of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a major issue in America, and if there’s a way to reduce the risk factors of aggression, why not capitalize on it? Marijuana can make you feel relaxed, so if you are feeling aggressive or some part of you is angry—not that you’re going to become emotionally or physically abusive—don’t take it out on your partner. Try to manage it on your own before it damages your relationship.

It Helps You Open Up

Much like the way marijuana makes sex more pleasurable by making you physically sensitive, it can make you more emotionally sensitive too. It’s difficult to communicate complex feelings. Luckily, cannabis can help you get down to the bottom of what it is you need to say and ensure get the point across in an understandable way. By allowing you to gain more perspective and talk about how you feel, cannabis can give you and your partner a more stable foundation. Openness is key to any healthy relationship and being able to communicate your feelings effectively will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

Relationships can fall apart for many reasons, but thankfully, cannabis is there to help when you need it. Of course, this only works if you want to fix specific things in your relationship and you agree on doing so by enjoying the herb together. Being high won’t just magically heal every wound in your relationship, but a desire to improve things can go a long way, both physically and emotionally.