The marijuana industry is growing and thriving all over the globe and while most dispensaries operate quite systematically, some are breaking the mold. Entrepreneurs around the world are fixated on changing the way people think about marijuana dispensaries while legalization and reform are changing how people think about this plant in general. 

The following dispensaries have really taken change to heart and set themselves apart through architecture, themes or simple changes to business practices. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting experience, here are a few unconventional places to grab yourself some cannabis.

Brooklyn Holding Company

Oregon-based Brooklyn Holding Company is a 1930s-themed dispensary that offers a lot more than just marijuana. Their high-grade selection of cannabis mixed with 20th-century memorabilia that dates back to the ‘30s and beyond will give you a very vintage experience.


This 6000 square foot dispensary located on 16th street in downtown Denver could be easily be mistaken for an Apple Store. The sleek space features different strains of marijuana displayed in large plastic containers on tables around the space for users to sniff and read about. Making your shopping experience as modern and comfortable as possible, Euflora aims to maximize convenience and overall user experience.


Tru|Med is a medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Phoenix, Arizona. While all dispensaries provide their patients with cannabis for medical reasons, Tru|Med is focused on ensuring that you get the exact treatment and support you need. They have all their strains checked by AZ Med Test and pride themselves on growing pesticide-free, medical-grade cannabis.

Sea to Sky Alternative Healing Society

The Sea-to-Sky highway in Vancouver, Canada is famous for its breathtaking and unique scenery, so it’s only right that a dispensary by the same name holds true to those same values. The Sea to Sky Alternative Healing Society carved out its own niche by not only offering high quality medical marijuana and access to an in-house naturopathic doctor, but by also whipping up smoothies infused with cannabis so you can enjoy a refreshing and flavorful high.

Canna Care

Religion finds its way into everything and the same goes for dispensaries. Canna Care is a cannabis dispensary run by a Christian organization in Sacramento, California. They sell great strains starting at under $4 a gram—every cannabis user’s dream! Canna Care received some criticism last year when the federal government wanted them to pay taxes, but they refused, citing their status as a religious organization.

Fruitridge Health & Wellness Collective

Sleek and modern. These are the two words that allowed this California-based dispensary to separate itself from the rest. With its minimalist design, the dispensary makes the cannabis itself the star. Surrounded by radiant white walls, countertops and furniture, medical cannabis users entering this space will feel like they just entered a simple yet luxurious haven.

The Spot

The Spot is a dispensary that banks heavily on attention from tourists. They not only offer a large number of strains alongside vast product knowledge, but they also offer cannabis tours to teach you even more about your favorite plants. With a welcoming and comedic staff, you’re sure to have a few laughs while learning something new at this Southern Colorado location.


There’s really only one word to describe DOC420’s space: extravagant. This dispensary took full advantage of being in LA by targeting consumers who are looking to spend a pretty penny. Picture red suede textured on the wall, a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling and gold everywhere. It’s a place you walk into with a chihuahua in your purse and bags from seven different stores hung from your arm before picking up your favorite strain to take home with you.

Mega Chill

Low on cash? No worries. Vancouver-based Mega Chill accepts Bitcoin, so you can leave your debit or credit card at home. Open from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day, this small dispensary and vape lounge allows members to medicate in a comfortable facility. Fun fact: it’s right next to North America’s first marijuana pizzeria, so you can enjoy two of your favorite things combined into one.

Barbary Coast

This dispensary is not as extravagant as DOC420, but still in a class of its own. San Francisco–based Barbary Coast gives medicinal marijuana patients a taste of classic luxury. From hash and wax, to oils and edibles, you can find everything and anything you need. With dark stained wood complemented by red sofas and gold trim, you may feel like you have to wear a suit or dress just to enter the front doors.

There are a ton of unique dispensaries all over the world and these are only a select few located in North America. These businesses are challenging the traditional expectations of dispensaries (read: dodgy road-side spots with hand-painted signs) and, as such, they deserve to be appreciated. With innovative concepts that put the customer first, these shops are showing how it’s not all about selling cannabis—it’s about an experience.