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Zack Wallin Skates Hellishly Fast in New “Camino” Part

Raw, uncut downhill savagery.

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Enjoi’s Zack Wallin is an absolute beast on the board. The San Jose-bred slasher has the four-wheeled tenacity of a cheetah on African grassland. He leaps and bounds across and down gaps and stairs like he’s on the hunt for juicy gazelle. He also takes spills and falls like a certified gangster. I mean, for this caliber of fast skating and daring tricks you’re going to need all of the adrenaline and heart you can gather. Straight up.

“Camino” (path in Spanish) features the multi-faceted Zack handling his business on everything from streets, to rails, ledges and very, very steep San Francisco hills. Scored to the ethereal sounds of Shampoo Douglas’ “Forever7” and the modern blues of The Shadows of Knight’s “Darkside”, Zack’s part is equal parts magic and mourning.

The dude undeniably rides into the sunset of an incredible edit. RIP “Camino,” Zack absolutely killed it. To boot, there isn’t a single second of wasted time or any “filler” tricks at all. Wow!

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