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Fox’s “Son of Zorn” Mixes Animation With Live-Action to Produce Humor

Fox’s latest sitcom places the animated warrior Zorn in the midst of the Orange County action.

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The pilot of Fox’s newest hybrid series “Son of Zorn” is now streaming online, and after taking a look we believe it to be a budding stoner staple in the making.

The series, which mixes animation and live action video follows the life of Zorn, an animated (both literally and figuratively) warrior from an island called Zephyria. Although his mystical homeland is as cartoonish as can be, Zorn must return to the real world of Orange County to reunite with his ex-wife Edie and teenage son Alangulon (known in the live-action world as Alan).

Zorn is voiced by the comic actor Jason Sudeikis, and the series also stars Johnny Pemberton, Cheryl Hines, Tim Meadows and Artemis Pebdani. The show’s masterful blend of animation and live-action makes for a hilarious experience that occasonally teeters towards awkwardness and hearty family lessons. As the animated star tries to reconnect with his ex-wife and son, Zorn soon finds that his life as a rambunctious warrior was much simpler than his attempt at reintegrating into the banal suburbs of Orange County.

The recently premiered pilot episode was created Reed Agnew and Eli Jorné, who have since departed the show over creative differences. So, next time you’re freshly baked and stuck between wanting to watch an animated or live-action series, turn to “Son of Zorn” for a little bit of both.

Steam the pilot episode now and stay tuned for 13 episodes on Fox starting on September 25. 

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