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Talking Sex & Cannabis with the "Queens of the Stoned Age"

In our season finale, the queens get honest about how the herb enhances their sex lives.

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In the immortal words of Salt-n-Pepa, let’s talk about sex and weed. Okay, we added that last part, but with good reason. Cannabis has long played an important role in sexual health, but that hasn't led to an open approach to discussing the two together. Thankfully as legalization has spread, both mainstream acceptance of the plant and a proliferation of cannabis intimacy products have inspired a shift in people's willingness to share their ideas and experiences in this realm. The patriarchy has historically frowned upon women for owning and openly discussing their sex lives (and cannabis use), but recent studies show that women consume more cannabis than men (and also enjoy sex).

This is progress worth celebrating, and on the latest episode of Queens of the Stoned Age, we do just that. For the season finale of MERRY JANE’s perception-changing series where women speak frankly about their relationship with cannabis, a diverse panel discusses their sex lives and the role that pot plays in them. Watch as adult film stars Riley Reid and Jenna Sativa, comedians Esther Ku and Rachel Wolfson, Cannabis Feminist Jessica Assaf, Highly Devoted matchmaker Molly Peckler, photographer Jennifer Rovero, and blogger Jacqueline Epcar open up about increased pleasure, diminished anxiety, pain relief, physical and mental connections with partners, and more. Time to get your groove back with some ganja!

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