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Popson Pops Around NYC Catching Eyes in “DANY” Part

The 6 minute VX part is one of Popson’s best to date.

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Early last week, Emilio Cuilan released his New York video DANY , and on Friday, Thrasher posted the exceptional Yaje Popson part. The full video also features full parts by Shawn Powers, Genesis Evans, Jason Byoun,  and Adam Zhu as well.

Popson has been on a resurgence of late following a spiritual and physical healing hiatus in Brazil, becoming the latest member (and potentially the first pro soon) for the re-rebooted Alien Workshop.

The 6 minute VX part is probably Popson’s best to date, it truly showcase not only his insane abilities, but also his creativity and flair. He cruises his NYC stomping ground (his entire part is filmed there) innovatively, connecting different tricks in unseen ways. The switch flip backside lip to 5-0 on the red ledge downtown is a prime example (see 1:37.)  

To add icing to the cake, the part also boasts a two-part soundtrack that rhythmically pushes the part along, featuring Ross From Friends’ “Talk To Me You’ll Understand” (reminiscent of a Bronze or Palace video cut) and Dean Blunt’s “Papi.”

Head over to Thrasher to watch Yaje’s part, and purchase the full length DANY video here.


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