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Paul Hart Throws Down Hard In His Pro Debut

Staircase hoppin' and handrail choppin'.

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It isn’t every day that you get to turn pro. Luckily, in this day and age of one-off online only parts and immediate content, you can let the world know exactly why you deserve your pro status as soon as possible. This is precisely what Paul Hart has just done.

After announcing his imminent pro status very recently, Paul has now released his debut professional part via the Thrasher website. In his new part “In Hart We Trust,” (not to be confused with Wes Kremer’s ongoing “In Crust We Trust” campaign) the Florida native, Cliche, Asphalt Yacht Club and Globe rider lives up to, and even exceeds expectations.

Despite the edit being incredibly solid all around, what stands out the most in the new part is scale. Much like Alec Majerus, Paul is able to make the combination of technical skills and balls of steel translate to landing very difficult tricks down huge shit. With new tricks down the Santa Monica triple set (halfcab heel) and a pair of face melters down the Hollywood 16 rail (fakie back lip and backside noseblunt to fakie) this is not a part to miss.

Watch “In Hart We Trust” here, and if you want to hear some backstory on it, check out his interview with Chris Roberts’ The Nine Club.

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