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Welcome to MERRY JANE

Snoop Dogg is giving back to the community on his birthday.

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MERRY JANE is ecstatic to share its opening day honor with Snoop Dogg on his birthday. Snoop, a vital think tank behind the MERRY JANE project, wanted to give back to the cannabis community by sharing his own gift to his family and fans. 

“On my birthday, I'm excited to present the opening of MERRY JANE. The awareness and acceptance of our cannabis culture is now at an all-time high - and MERRY JANE is delivering the sophisticated standard our community deserves. We're blessed with an exciting team of the biggest names in the space giving you original content series, news, and product, and dispensary info. MERRY JANE is cannabis culture for all my people around the world!"


Join Snoop and our growing community in celebrating the cultural paradigm. 

MERRY JANE is now open to the public! 

MERRY JANE is excited to welcome the cannabis community to the latest new media platform for this important and rapidly expanding culture. Hundreds of millions of people around the world use cannabis, and even more are touched by its effects on a global scale. 

Cannabis is mainstream in every way: in film, music, fashion, medicine and technology.

MERRY JANE aims to be the cultural hub of all things cannabis culture - the ESPN of sports, the Vogue of fashion. MERRY JANE is tapping into our diverse community and bringing you forward thinking stories of eye-opening first-hand experiences, breaking news, scientific discovery, medical and political progress and so much more. 

In addition to original editorial content, MERRY JANE also offers essential tools for the new frontier of cannabis business. Explore the Goods and Dispensaries sections, where consumers and businesses are brought together in an easy to use, streamlined fashion both on desktop and mobile platforms.

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Watch our premiere episodes of our original videos! Catch Ab-Soul in the kitchen, a sneak peek behind the curtain of AC/DC and hear Marines talk about the importance of cannabis healing as experienced by them.

Stay tuned for our exclusive coverage of Snoop's MERRY Birthday and launch party.

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