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Supreme Court Says States Rule When it Comes to Cannabis Laws

Stoners celebrate! The Supreme Court tossed out a suit that would have ended legal weed in Colorado.

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It's been more than a year since Colorado’s neighboring states Nebraska and Oklahoma teamed up to pull the ultimate hater move, filing suit urging the Supreme Court to declare Colorado's pot legalization unconstitutional.

On Monday, the high court dismissed the suit with Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas being the only two of eight justices to disagree with the ruling.

In the argument, Nebraska and Oklahoma claimed Colorado's statewide directive legalizing cannabis for recreational use was spilling across the borders, draining state resources to combat anti-drug efforts.

Mason Tvert is the Denver-based director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project and a co-director of the 2012 initiative that legalized marijuana in the state of Colorado. In a statement received by MERRY JANE, Tvert praised the SCOTUS ruling, calling the suit, "meritless."

"The court made the right decision," Tvert said. "States have every right to regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana, just as Nebraska and Oklahoma have the right to maintain their failed prohibition policies. Colorado has done more to control marijuana than just about any other state in the nation."

Pro-legalization advocates believe the SCOTUS ruling will set an example for other states that are considering similar laws in legislatures and at the ballot box come November.

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