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Watch as Thousands of Israelis Gather in Support of the Decriminalization of Marijuana Use

On February 4, 5,000 Israelis packed Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to pressure Internal Security Minister Gildad Erdan to not only decriminalize marijuana, but to legalize it.

In late January, Israel’s Internal Security Minister, Gilad Erdan announced plans to decriminalize marijuana for personal use. So, on February 4, 5,000 Israelis gathered at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to pressure Erdan to not only decriminalize marijuana, but to legalize the drug.

Musicians played as energized rotesters lit up, but between their celebrations, speakers, including Sharen Haskel, parliament member of the Likud party and Tamar Zandberg, parliament member of the Meretz Party, called on the government to clear the criminal records of people already convicted of marijuana offenses. They also urged Israel to regulate the market to control soaring cannabis prices.

MERRY JANE News hit the scene to witness the historic event. Amongs the demonstrators who spoke out on the issue was Gilad Kahana, lead singer of The Giraffes, who also shared a few thoughts on the call for legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in Israel.

Check out the video to see our complete coverage of the historic rally.

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