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The New Balance Numeric Squad Tears Up Spain in “Tinto De Verano”

Smooth as sangria.

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Although new to skateboarding, relative to way-pavers Nike and adidas, New Balance Numeric has quickly built a talented, international, and eclectic skate team. The squad boasts Antoine AsselinJack CurtinFranky VillaniAxel CruysberghsFlo Mirtain, Jordan Taylor, Jake Hayes, Tyler Surrey, Tom Knox, Tom Karangelov, Marquise HenryJordan Trahan, Levi Brown, Mark Baines, Marius Syvanen, and undisputed legends Arto Saari and PJ Ladd.

With Russell Houghton at the artistic helm of their edits, they’re extremely well filmed (expect a decent amount of drone shots) and the new “Tinto De Verano” video is no exception. Everybody rips in their own particular way as the New Balance squad travels around Spain stacking clips. It’s nice to see Arto skate the streets a little instead of his pool (with a great little ledge line!) and even just a few PJ Ladd tricks landed in his oh-so-perfect way brings smiles. Marquise and Flo’s enders are bananas, respectively nose manualing and nollie backside flipping out and backside flipping to fakie manual on a hip-height block.

The video is split into two parts, “Norte” (North) and “Sur” (South), and three different tracks grace the nine-minute edit. It opens with Russell Houghton’s brother Richard, whose “Saving A Life” transitions to Molly Nilsson’s “1995” then ends with Kinita’s “Bang Bang,” a Spanish language cover of the Nancy Sinatra classic.

The teaser is below, and you can go to Thrasher for the full “Tinto De Verano” video. After you watch, start planning your skate pilgrimage to Spain!

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