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Video: Bob Marley Speaks the Truth About Herb

“Herb teaches you to be someone.”

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Bob Marley, king of the Rastafari’s, shares his thoughts about “herb” throughout four different interviews.

The soundtrack to Marley’s life is mixed between various hit songs about peace and the universal need to be loved. His album “Exodus” was named Album of the Century by Time magazine and his song “One Love” was awarded Song of the Millennium by BBC. The Zion Lion’s fame became widespread within the Rastafari community. His attitude toward marijuana made him worthy of such praise, advocating the peoples right to consume marijuana.

In the interviews, Marley discuses society’s opinion about cannabis and the collective belief that smoking marijuana incapacitates you from being an integral part of a growing society. Marley shakes his head at the thought of labeling herb a drug. “Herb teaches you to be someone,” he says meaningfully in the video. “Herb, in its essence, is a plant that is grown and is natural.”

Marley discusses the necessity of herb. “You’re worried and confused and you don’t have to time to think. Herb is there so you can take a little time for yourself so you can live.”

The video ends with Marley’s description of herb as a state of consciousness, allowing us to slow down and enjoy the moment.

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