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Strain & Songs: Blue Dream

The perfect playlist for a whimsical, Blue Dream-inspired smoke session.

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Music and cannabis share much in common:  both are timeless, both contain widely diverse “genres” and “strains” respectively, and both have a way of making people feel something good. It’s no wonder--no big mystery--why they go hand-in-hand and complement one another. This series, Strain & Song Pairings, will examine optimal combinations of music and cannabis in an effort to elicit particular moods and sensations for the betterment of both experiences.

Blue Dream is a wildly popular strain and a sativa-dominate hybrid from California. Named in part for its Blueberry parentage, the flavors of Blue Dream are understandably sweet with heavy notes of blueberry. The nugs are heavily frosted with crystalline trichomes covering the vivid green leaves, and are accented by bright orange pistils.

Blue Dream’s popularity can be contributed in large part to its very well balanced effects. Offering full body relaxation while simultaneously stimulating the mind, Blue Dream offers increased feelings of euphoria and a peaceful, dreamy calm. As a strain high in THC, the strain is also said to be a choice medicine for treating symptoms of depression, pain and nausea.

For such a soothing and calming strain, a playlist of dreamy and airy songs is the perfect complement to Blue Dream. The following custom playlist, named for the stain, consists of five songs which invoke blissful, relaxing vibes and make a fine accompaniment for the Blue Dream strain.

Famous for her dreamy sound, Lana Del Rey begins this playlist with the ethereal song “High by the Beach.” Her light and breathy voice matches the soft and floaty music as she recites the relatable chorus lyrics, “All I wanna do is get high by the beach.” The melody lulls the listener into a soothing day dream complete with imagery of soft sand and lapping waves.

Next up is “Claridad” by Thievery Corporation, with lucid and velvet smooth Spanish lyrics by Argentinian native Natalia Clavier. Her exquisite bell-like voice is like a fine wine, and when combined with the whimsical and elegant melody the result is a sound that calms the senses while invigorating the heart.

“Wild is the Wind” by Esperanza Spalding is third on the list. Spalding, a virtuoso on the bass, offers deep and stirring reverberations in contrast to an airy and alluring melody. Combined with Spalding’s flawless vocals, the listener’s senses are lifted and carried along as if by a warm and wild wind.

Denitia and Sene follow with their song, “Blah Blah Blah,” a tantalizing and dreamy tune in the style of R&B electro pop. Denitia’s vocals are powerful and bold even while being light and whispery against a solid beat that is at once both spacey and grounded. The result is music that sounds like something heard in a dream on the edge of wake and sleep.

Closing out the playlist is “Traces of You” by the highly talented Anoushka Shankar and her sister Norah Jones. The uplifting melody combines traditional Indian musical sounds with the Shankar sister’s light and whimsical vocals. With exquisite harmonies and chime-like singing contrasting an otherwise wild and stirring melody, the song creates a swell of joy while simultaneously soothing the mind.

These five songs, through their various melodies and harmonies, invoke a dreamy mood befitting the Blue Dream strain. Light, whimsical, soothing and airy, this strain and playlist pairing will leave one feeling calm, centered and free to dream.

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