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Meet MERRY JANE: The Basics

Learn about the ins and outs of MERRY JANE in this new series.

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Welcome! We, at MERRY JANE, hope that you have been enjoying the experience so far. This is our first installment of a series designed to give you, our users, a more in-depth look at the finer details of MERRY JANE and how to best utilize the site to discover the best in cannabis culture and lifestyle. Moving forward, we will focus on highlighting a specific area of the site with each article.  But to start off, allow us to give you a walk through of the entire site.


Our primary focus at MERRY JANE is to provide the best cannabis articles and videos and inform our readers about modern cannabis culture. The homepage provides a centralized hub of the latest articles from five primary categories: Culture, News, Food, Style and Videos. On the right side of the homepage, you can also check out the ‘Most Popular’ articles to see what other users are reading.


To read more articles within a specific category, choose from any of the five content sections on the left side of the top navigation bar. Also, while on the homepage, check out the five ‘Most Popular’ articles in a particular category by hovering over that category. On the right hand side of the navigation bar, you will find all of MERRY JANE’s utility features including Goods, Dispensaries and Account Management.


Goods is our one-of-a-kind, forever-growing cannabis database. Search MERRY JANE’s product encyclopedia by using our unique filter system to browse by any of the following: Category, Type, Effect or Flavor. Search directly by name if you know what you are looking for. Products have a picture, description, 360 degree product view, as well as a list of dispensaries near your location where you can actually purchase the product (city and state laws apply).


The Dispensaries section of MERRY JANE allows users to explore their local dispensaries including menu pricing and current specials. Search by name, city or zipcode or use the interactive map to explore locations in your area. Turn on location services in order to ensure the most accurate results in your area. If you are a Dispensary owner, be sure to claim your location today!


There are many benefits to creating an account on MERRY JANE. After signing up, MERRY JANE members have the exclusive ability to favorite Articles, Goods and Dispensaries, which will also help to personalize your MERRY JANE experience. Most recently, MERRY JANE introduced the User Dashboard where you’ll be  able to see your favorites, search for users to follow, see users who follow you, and explore a feed of all the activity related to these. Watch your dashboard to stay updated on everything that’s important to you!

Our team is working hard to deliver even more great functionality that will make MERRY JANE the premier cannabis culture and lifestyle destination; not only a place to read and watch all the best in cannabis lifestyle and culture, but a community to learn and share your thoughts with other cannabis enthusiasts. Don’t forget to create an account and start exploring today. We’re just getting started!

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