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Jenny Slate and Snoop Talk Favorite Cereals, Collaborators, and Gilda Radner

“You gotta love love when it’s lovin’ you back.”

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Jenny Slate made headlines back in 2009 when she dropped the F-bomb during a live broadcast of SNL, eventually leading to her departure from the show. However, since then her career has only skyrocketed, putting on an award-winning performance in 2014’s Obvious Child, voicing characters in Zootopia and The Secret Life of Pets, and recently starring opposite Chris Evans in 2017’s Gifted.

And even though she went on to date the hunky Evans (and might be currently dating Jon Hamm), she admitted to Seth Meyers back in 2014 that her real “soulmate” is marijuana. Amen to that.

Join Snoop and Jenny as they chop it up on GGN about her favorite cereals, growing up in the Boston-area, OG comedian Gilda Radner, and collaborating with her now ex-husband, Dean Fleischer-Camp.

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