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Why Jeff Sessions Is Such a Worrisome Pick for Attorney General

A closer look at his troubling anti-cannabis stance.

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When President-elect Donald Trump nominated Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions—one of the most conservative members of the Senate—for the position of U.S. Attorney General, it was a controversial choice. This week, Sessions attended a series of confirmation hearings to make it all official—and the closer he gets, the more concerning our future becomes.

Like alleged racist Steve Bannon and conflicted oilman and Putin friend Rex Tillerson, Sessions’ past is littered with troubling instances. He is definitely one of the most threatening new additions to high power, and has even gone as far as to publicly claim “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

MERRY JANE correspondent Adrien Nuñez took a dive into the history of a man who could very well be in charge of the governing laws of The United States. 

Check out the video here.

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