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The Easiest Way to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

It’s much easier than you might think!

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With increasing talk of recreational marijuana being legalized across the country in the near future, you’re probably thinking more and more about taking the legit route to score your strains. But even in a state such as California, which voted to legalize recreational marijuana last year, residents still can’t just waltz into a store to pick up yet—that likely won’t happen until early 2018. So, what can you do until then?

Well, that’s where a medical marijuana card comes in. Before you click out of this page because you’re getting nervous at even the thought of talking to your doctor about pot, relax. This is the age of Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat, so rest assured that there are ways to get your marijuana card right on your phone or compute. You can pretty much get your medical marijuana recommendation by lunchtime on any given day of the week. All you’ll have to do is have some information ready, a few bucks, and 15 minutes of your time.

To learn more, check out the video above--and don’t worry, you can MERRY JANE News later.

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