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Grow Your Own Weed Anywhere, Anytime with These Season-Defying Canna-Products

DIY harvesting should be a personal and ceremonial process, and these next-gen tools will help turn your thumb green no matter where you’re living.

Cannabis is one of the most complex organisms on the planet, meaning it has innumerable uses — many of which we are still discovering. That said, it's not the easiest to grow. Prone to mites, molds, and generally any conceivable blight a plant could succumb to, the conditions must be perfect to harvest beautiful, beneficial buds. Outdoors, plants thrive on sunlight and natural air circulation, especially in places like California and the Pacific Northwest. However, the seasonal window is small and unfortunately now closed.

Growing weed inside, however, is a whole other ballpark, as it's up to you to recreate the natural environment in which cannabis thrives. Advancements in the field have simplified the process to the point where it's almost silly of us to be giving all our money to dispensaries or basement-dwelling dealers. While there are numerous grow pods where you essentially just pop a clone in an incubator and wait, to me, something about that process seems wrong. Growing your own cannabis should be approached with a certain love, reverence, and care. A ceremonious aspect, if you will. To help aid you in a more personalized approach to cultivating your own grass, here are some canna-products to make the rigmarole a sitch — no matter where you are or what time of year it is.

The Glo Gro

I want to start by saying this is one of the coolest products I've ever come into contact with — and I literally wrote about a glass dildo you can smoke out of a couple weeks ago. As an apartment gardener struggling with the plight of a north-facing window — meaning I get no direct sunlight — the Glo Gro has revolutionized my plant game. Now, I can grow any plant (weed) regardless of light restrictions.

Stylish and discreet, the Glo Gro is basically a house lamp with a grow light inside. Beneath the working light, a 45W LED lamp recreates the power of photosynthesis, emitting the specific wavelengths a plant would normally receive from the sun. The fully adjustable hanging planter allows you to customize the growing process depending on the strain, while a timer takes the work out of getting high on your own supply.

Visit Glo Gro's website for more on their products

Goldleaf Grow Planner

One of the most difficult things about growing weed is keeping track of the process. Nutrient feedings, light cycles, maintaining a healthy bud free of mites without lowering yourself to the use of pesticides.... it can be a lot.

The first of its kind, the Goldleaf Grow Planner simplifies the process, ideal for indoor growers with multiple strains who want to plan out their garden, rotation, and feeding schedule. It's reference charts and diagrams are perfect for first-time growers, while the tasting note section allows you to essentially bookmark your favorite strains, preventing you from losing that experimental hybrid you brought to life. You know, that purple-ish one that blew your mind all over your g'damn face.

Visit Goldleaf's website for more on their products

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Organic OIM

Nutrients are the key to growing good weed. However, the specific blend of fertilizers you use can make or break a harvest. Irresponsible, greedy growers tend to use nutrients that produce unnaturally massive buds, ones that can be poisonous to the consumer as well as the environment.

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To grow fabulous organic cannabis, look no further than Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Organic OIM. The blend features extra phosphorus and potassium, maximizing your bloom's potential to yield larger and denser buds, while its plant-derived, amino-chelated calcium, magnesium, and iron do the rest.

Visit Advanced Nutrients' website for more on their next-level fertilizer and products

The Vortex Fan

Air circulation is another (extremely) important component to growing amazing weed in the privacy of your home — a vital and often overlooked factor in the harvesting process. Since cannabis is so prone to all kinds of mold, which thrive in stale climates, keeping the air moving is a must.

Though it isn't cheap, The Vortex Fan is the cream of the crop — an energy-efficient and effective fan that will step up your DIY grow game. While traditional fans are noisy power-hogs, giving you away to neighbors and spiking your electricity bill, this six inch fan combines a number of technologies, including an AC brushless motor and patented mixed-flow dual impellers, with double insulated walls reducing noise levels to zero. Basically, it's perfect for a personal grow consisting of a few plants, especially when you want to keep the secret to yourself.

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