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EXCLUSIVE: Snoop Dogg Announces New POUNDS Accessories Line

These pipes might sink your battleship.

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POUNDS, the new accessories line by Snoop Dogg is announcing its existence and celebrating by releasing a collection of 5 new distinct hand-blown glass pipes. He initially teased the creation of the line last night while DJing the BIG Show’s afterparty, but today, the announcement becomes official. 

POUNDS is a nod to both his Leafs By Snoop cannabis products available in Colorado and Canada (LBS, get it?) as well as his history with Death Row Records’ Tha Dogg Pound.

Inspired by ships, the new smoking apparatus are appropriately named in turn Battleship (12.5" waterpipe with turbine and honeycomb percolators for essential oils and concentrates), Mothership (13" waterpipe with barrel and dome percolators, to be used with legal herbs), Rocketship (11.5" classic waterpipe with diffused downstem for legal herbs), Spaceship (6" waterpipe with ruffled percolator for essential oils and concentrates), and Starship (6" waterpipe with diffused downstem for legal herbs).

Expect more accessories by POUNDS to be rolled out this year; wholesale orders are currently being taken. 

Check out the exclusive photos below.

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