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See How Recreational Cannabis Is Changing Alaska

“Wide World of Cannabis: Alaska” explores the changing laws and culture in the Last Frontier.

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Alaska is undergoing a remarkable change. Since passing Measure 2 to decriminalize marijuana in 2014, the state, which had long clung to a Reefer Madness-like fear of the plant, has been regulating and developing recreational use systems that allow locals and the state’s many tourists to consume cannabis safely in designated areas and contribute to the economy without encroaching upon public spaces. In the latest episode of Wide World of Cannabis, MERRY JANE heads north to the Last Frontier to better understand how change is occurring in a state that hasn’t always been 420-friendly.

Wide World of Cannabis is a MERRY JANE original series that profiles places all over the world to see how they have cultivated their own unique relationship with marijuana. Catch up with visits to Chile to Uruguay, and be sure to subscribe to MERRY JANE on YouTube for all of our original content.

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