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The Emerging Cannabis Sex Market

The combination of cannabis and sex has created an entirely new business.

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With only 57% of women reporting regular orgasm during sex with a partner, the recent spate of new cannabis products promising enhanced female sexual experiences have an understandable appeal. However, it remains an open question whether any of these products provide good value for the money, or even work at all.

Perhaps the most famous of such products is Foria, the cannabis infused lubricant. Said to be able to enhance a woman’s sexual experience and even the orgasms themselves, the website claims the lubricant has the power to “awaken arousal” and give orgasms that are “intense, fuller, or easier to access.”

“Foria works with you,” the website assures, “wherever you might find yourself on the pleasure spectrum. “

Understandably, such claims greatly peaked public interest. However, while the Foria website testimonials are all very favorable, other independent journalists have reported disappointing to nonexistent results.

Still, perhaps the most deterring factor to Foria is the price. Marketed at an alarming $88 dollars per 30ml bottle, one is left with a disconcerting feeling after a look at the ingredients list. Foria’s formula is a simple blend of coconut oil and cannabis – a concoction which is neither new nor difficult to make. In fact, it’s easy to find DIY recipes for homemade versions of cannabis lube; which also affords the option of mindfully choosing specific strains and cannabinoid profiles.

Yet Foria is not the only new cannabis sex product to recently explode onto the scene with a hearty marketing campaign and exuberant claims.

Sexxpot is the low, 14% THC strain which claims to work as an aphrodisiac for women. The strain is said to have just the right balance of THC to allow users to relax into a sexual headspace, without being too stoned to enjoy the sexual sensations.

Karyn Wager, who is responsible for the strain, speaks of the satisfaction of one user who reported that “it relaxed her enough that she wasn’t thinking about [sexual mental blocks] anymore. She wasn’t hyperaware or hyper-anything.”

The official website of the Sexxpot strain offers little information – instead featuring a pair of sultry red lips with smoke coiling out from between, and a vague caption which reads in part, “Sexxpot’s embrace is smooth, sweet and mild… Mmmm... There’s something in the air.”

In large red letters—and a tone reminiscent of jewelry chain stores—follows the phrase, “The flowers she really wants,” seeming to suggest the marketing is aimed toward women’s partners; not women looking to purchase it for themselves.

The only other information offered is a dispensary directory, and a reference to Mr. Nice – the notable single “parent” strain of Sexxpot. This is an interesting detail of the Sexxpot strain, because though bred from the genetics of Mr. Nice as a “separate” strain, as far as characteristics go, the two strains share the purported ideal characteristics — they are both indicas, with a THC content averaging at 14%.

If one extrapolates on the formula which Sexxpot suggests—an indica dominate 14% THC strain—then it would make sense that any similar strains would have similar effects. Thus, when in pursuit of this specific method of sexual enhancement, options do exist. Of course, it’s important to note that science does not currently support the notion of an “ideal” THC ratio for sexual satisfaction.

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With such a young legal market, surely Foria and Sexxpot are only the first of many cannabis themed sex products to come. While it is encouraging to see products aimed at enhancing and improving women’s sex lives, the discerning consumer ought to be wary of over indulgent marketing tactics. Cannabis has been used to compliment sex for millennia, just as is. Allow the journey to enhance one’s sex life through cannabis be a personal, and diverse one.

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