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The Bougiest Ways to Get High

From top-dollar strains to 24-karat gold rolling papers, there are plenty of ways to splash your cash on cannabis.

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When you come into money, there are countless ways you can flaunt your new status to the world. You could be a cliché and buy a new Corvette, or a Rolex. You could also pick up courtside seats to the Lakers or Knicks if you want to rub shoulders with the likes of Jack Nicholson or Spike Lee, among other celebrities.

However, if you’re feeling like adding some style to your ganja game, you can splurge on some luxury marijuana and accessories!

If you’re in need of inspiration, MERRY JANE News has compiled some of the best ways you can spend your newfound dough on getting high in the bougiest ways possible—and if you’re funemployed at the moment, let this be some inspiration.

With everything from top-dollar cannabis strains to 24-karat gold rolling papers, there’s plenty of ways to splash your cash. 

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