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Tender of the Week: Buds & Roses Collective Studio City

One-on-one with Patient Advocate and Store Manager Brett Hartmann.

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"Tender of the Week" is a MERRY JANE original feature where each Thursday we'll go one-on-one with men and women serving cannabis connoisseurs across the globe.

This week we stopped by Buds & Roses in Studio City. As we arrived at the Ventura Boulevard collective, we were greeted by a sign boasting the signature green cross that read, "Complimentary Valet". We're loving this place already, as parking on this major Valley thoroughfare can be scarce.

As reflected in the name, Buds & Roses is not your typical Southern California dispensary. Walking in the lobby, the walls boast neatly framed media clips from outlets like the New York Times and awards including top accolades at the Medical Cannabis Cup.

We were warmly greeted by Brett Hartmann a manager and budtender patient care advocate.

MERRY JANE: You don't like the term budtender? 

Brett Hartmann: To me a budtender is a person out in the fields, tending to the flowers. I don't think the term budtender is suitable for what we do here, because it's like you are saying a bartender. We don't just serve bud, we educate patients and assist them with finding the best products for their needs, so we consider ourselves patient care advocates.

MJ: What do you like best about working at Buds & Roses Collective?

BH: Helping the patients. It is so rewarding knowing there is a solution, and I get to witness people feeling better and enjoying a higher quality of life.

MJ: Are there cannabis related events you like to attend and why?

BH: I like to attend events produced by Project CBD and Americans For Safe Access. I also have found it to be beneficial to seek mentorship in the space, and I enjoy following the Research Pioneer: Ethan Russo MD.

MERRY JANE : What is your favorite edible to prescribe to patients and why?

BH: The Chocowaska Cooperative Organic Hemp Milk. Patients see immediate results and this product serves as not only a great sleeping aide, but we continue to see it help fibromyalgia patients with their day-to-day activities.

MJ: Is there one patient in particular that you really feel you helped and why?

BH: One patient advocate / patient relationship that comes to mind is a single father I have worked with. The father is actually the caregiver to his son who has encountered some challenges and through working together we have been able to help his son experience better days and have a better outlook on life.

Buds & Roses

13047 Ventura Blvd.

Studio City, CA 91604

Stop by Buds & Roses and tell Brett the MERRY JANE team sent you! You can also connect with Buds & Roses on Twitter, Instagram, and watch Brett on his YouTube series Ganga Smokes.

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