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A Guide to Stones and How They Can Help You (Allegedly)

Even if you don’t believe in magical powers, surely you believe in sparkles.

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As a kid I collected rocks and told people I was a witch…. Not much has changed. Even if you don’t believe in the healing power of crystals or stones, you gotta admit they’re pretty. Whether these gorgeous gems work because of “magic,” or just the placebo effect (which is like magic), introducing them to your daily life will definitely add some sparkle.

Magical rocks won’t cure cancer, but they can help with things like your focus during meditation and aiding in dreamwork. And, the fact that they are shiny and pretty doesn’t hurt. Here are some gateway stones to get you hooked.

Classy Cuts

If giant gaudy gems aren’t your thing but you still wanna wear your stones, LVL Collective has something for you. Founded by “two sun-loving, adventure-seeking sisters with a serious crush on crystals,” this shop offers rings and necklaces set with a variety of beautiful stones along with descriptions of their powers.

This entrancing moonstone ring ($45) has a “feminine energy [that] aids in decision making by enhancing intuition, stabilizing emotions, and reminding you that everything is part of a cycle.” So vape some weed, rub your ring, and remind yourself that this current political cycle soon will pass.

The Etsy store Natural Rock Shop creates “timeless Sterling Silver and 14k Gold jewelry using the best gemstones from all over the world” and offers pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more, like these Peridot Earrings ($29), which are as green as your favorite nugs.

Peridot is supposed to have a lot of healing properties (according to a crystal encyclopedia, because crystal encyclopedias are things that exist) and it can be used “to gain results when seeking items that are lost or mislaid in the physical world,” which is something that all forgetful stoners can get behind. (Sidenote: Has anyone seen my keys? Nevermind, my peridot found them.)

Smokey Stones

Want to get close to a crystal but aren’t quite ready to try out a crystal dildo yet? (Same here.) Then these stony stone pipes are for you, friend. 

The Etsy Shop Hippie Junkies offers some lovely smoking accoutrement like this dreamy Amethyst pipe ($65). Amethyst has been thought to “bear the logic of temperance and sobriety,” so it makes a great accessory for when you’ve been cross-fading.

Luna Trading Company also sells some sweet crystal pipes, like this rotund Labradorite beauty ($59). Labradorite is a great stone for dream recall, so consider adding a pre-sleep session with this pipe to help you remember all of your Dream Land adventures.

Pocket Full of Magic

Adding small stones to your windowsills, pockets, or work spaces can help brighten your day without screaming “I’M A CRYSTALS PERSON, YOU GUYS!” 

Fluorite is a lovely stone that comes in a variety of beautiful greens and purples. One With Gems says this crystal ($6) “promotes unbiased impartiality and heightens intuitive powers.” Combine that with weed and you’re basically psychic. (Let’s meet up on the astral plane!)

The Etsy Shop Souls With Heart offers an abundance of beautiful stones such as these Smoky Quartz babies ($4.50 each). According to the product description, Smoky Quartz “relieves fear, lifts depression, brings emotional calmness, [and] promotes positive thought.” With that description it seems like the “smoky” in the “smoky quartz” may come from cannabis smoke….

The Shopkeeper at Souls With Heart has some great advice for those looking to dive into the magical world of stones: “There are so many healing properties and wonderful attributes for each stone that I encourage you to pick the stones that you are drawn to and then enjoy the process of learning about them.” Preach, witch!

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Next time you’re feeling mystical, consume a little cannabis and let your high be your guide on your quest for your new favorite crystal. And stones, like weed, can make great gifts for friends—so be sure to share the wealth!

Are you over 18?