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5 Netflix Streaming Movies You Need to Watch This Weekend (Dec. 9, 2016)

Don’t let all the options overwhelm you.

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As more states legalize recreational marijuana, some might feel it’s likely that one day the entire country might get with the program. Others might say that whoever thinks that way must be smoking some real good shit and hasn’t been paying attention to the news. That’s because if Jeff Sessions, President-elect Trump’s nomination for Attorney General, comes into power, it could mean a serious pushback on various pro-weed victories. Sessions has a history of being a hard-ass about marijuana, so don’t be surprised if his future plans include fucking up your future smoke sessions.

Here’s hoping that Sessions doesn’t get the job. Speaking of jobs, many of you are probably getting ready for a holiday party at your workplace. Unfortunately, a lot of these shindigs can use some serious spicing up because they’re so damn stuffy. (See the new comedy Office Christmas Party for further details.) Well, if you plan on risking getting a little loose at the next work party, make sure to read this and this before you go. They may well prevent your life from spinning out of control.

Obviously, after all that partying, you will want to get comfortable, chill out for a bit, and watch movies. Here are some can’t-miss recommendations to check out.

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