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MERRY JANE's Guide to This Week in Music

Poetic vibes, raw vocals and a diss song are just some of what we've got in the mix for you This Week in Music. So sit back, relax , and take a listen.

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Chairlift “Romeo” (Empress Of Remix)

Chairlift’s newest album Moth in its entirety is a poetic look at love in all it’s form: new, waning, tender and raw. Vocalist Caroline Polacheck lyrically delivers an all encompassing look at the many feelings that come when you let yourself melt into a love–whether it spits you out or let’s you live there. In “Romeo”, Polacheck speaks to the phase of love that feels like a contest, will you let them in, or will you get past it? The track on it’s own is peppy and chaotic, but with the release of the remix, worked by budding writer/producer Empress Of, a new life is brought to the chords. Darker and more choppy beats are welcome to this will they/won’t they hit.

Azealia Banks “Used to Being Alone”

Though you wouldn’t know it by how often she is in making headlines, it’s been a minute since Banks has dropped new music. In true fashion, she released “Used to Being Alone,” attached to some disses to long time feudee Iggy Azalea. All drama aside, “Used to Being Alone” is a banger from beginning to end, with beats that aren’t always characteristic of Banks. A showcase of her vocals, let’s not forget that when the shade clears, Banks is a star.

PWR BTTM “West Texas”

My current obsession is Brooklyn based PWR BTTM, the self declared “queercore” rockers with an image to match their name. Their 2015 release Ugly Cherries was met with critical acclaim across the board–and not for nothing. Their classic rock and roll riffs meets modern dissections of gender/sexuality/love is refreshing and a fun listen. Their newest video, for “West Texas,” a quick hit about avoidance and attempting to move on from a love, is as colorful and vibrant as the duo themselves.

Starchild and the New Romantic “Woman’s Dress”

Guitar prodigy Starchild has been making rounds supporting various musicians in their live bands, but now the spot is on them. Insert Starchild and the New Romantic, a crushed r&b project that is as sultry and smooth as it is heartbreaking. In “Woman’s Dress,” Starchild laments “will I ever be enough for you / or will I always have to beg” a sentiment that resonates with too many of us.

Mitski “Your Best American Girl”

If hearing words fall out of Mitski’s mouth doesn’t make your heart shatter, i’m not sure anything will. Riding high off of her tremendous debut LP, Bury Me At Makeout Creek, Mitski is back with new single “Your Best American Girl,” off the forthcoming Puberty 2. Mitski’s power has always come from her earnest, raw lyrics and vocals, and judging from the new single, we can expect that power to maintain.

Photo: Jane Bruce

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