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This Is What It’s Like to Get Stoned and Play Video Games with The Game

MERRY JANE News caught up with The Game and chopped it up about videgames, and his new line of premium pot, TreesByGame.

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Earlier this month, the largest video game convention in the country, E3, took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and dozens of game developers all announced their plans for the upcoming year. And if you think after parties around the city would be filled with people cosplaying as Master Chief and Samus, well, you’d be right.

However, in a warehouse a stone’s throw away from the event, cosplaying was nowhere to be found. Instead, rap, weed, and gaming collided when The Game hosted a marijuana-friendly NBA 2K17 party with his six-man eSports team, VIPGANG. The event featured a full-on Street Fighter tournament, and The Game and his crew challenged online players to NBA 2K17 matches on the “Sunset Beach” virtual court.  

Despite his busy hosting duties, MERRY JANE News got the chance to catch up with The Game and chop it up about his new line of premium pot, TreesByGame, and how videogames are more important to him than you might expect. 

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