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Cool E-Nail, Brah

If you claim to be a real "dabber" you probably own one of these.

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Electric nails are a great new tool for maintaining a consistent temperature while dabbing. Not having to use a torch and guess how hot the nail is for every dab is a welcomed change from the ritual of hovering a wrist over the surface to check. These units are designed to allow the user to change the temperature, along with a reading of how hot the coil actually is to reduce the chances of being burned. The metal coil plugs into the box and wraps around the quartz, titanium, or ceramic nail, that is being used to vaporize the concentrates.

Like most products, the level of work put into electric nails has increased as they’ve been introduced to the market. Artists have added eye catching skins that can be customized for the individual, but we’ve also seen the integration of e-nails with household and collector items like these five:

SNES Super Nintendo E-Nail

90’s children will get a kick out of this blast from the past. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was released in 1990 and took the world by storm with its brilliant and addicting games. Fast forward 26 years, and the Super Nintendo gaming system has resurfaced as the dual function of being an electric nail as well.

R2D2 E-Nail

Fans of Star Wars have a lot to be excited about recently with the release of a new movie in the series, but fans of the classic movies who also love to dab have a lot to be excited about as well. This R2D2 E-Nail is a brilliant modification to an old life size robot toy that many children had the pleasure of playing with. With voice commands, a drink holder, compartments for hash, dabbers, and coils, and a full electric nail setup, this is exactly the droid you have been looking for.

Darth Vader E-Nail

Although an R2D2 robot is hard to top, who’s not a fan of Darth Vader? This large action figure has been integrated with a coil and all the controls needed to take huge dabs while binge watching Star Wars. Dabbing on the dark side has never been easier thanks to the maker of this Vader Nail.


Electric nails are very useful, but may not be the most travel friendly things unless you can pack it away neatly and keep it safe. The people over at Disorderly Conduction have bridged the gap and created the unit that you can finally bring with you without fear of damage. Like the name implies, PeliNails are built into very durable Pelican cases. These cases are often used to hold glass, so it’s only fitting to have a quality nail integrated with one.

Lego E-Nail

Legos play a large role in the creative development of many minds around the world. Cannabis users have been commended on their creativity in various outlets, but especially in their ability to MacGyver something to smoke out of from basically anything. Let the ideas spark with the endless possibilities to construct on top of the box that you’ll be using to heat your nail.

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