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The Enigmatic Blondey McCoy Opens Up

"I want to encourage kids to not be afraid to do what they want to do."

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London resident Blondey McCoy is a bit of an enigmatic figure in skateboarding. When you see him, the first thing that comes to mind is likely,  "oh my, what a stylish lad!"

You may have also seen him getting his “Blue Steel” on in fashion spreads, Palace lookbooks, and the The xx’s “On Hold Video.” Finally, you've most likely become familiar with the  “man in the gold rings” taking urethane to pavement in videos and clips for the aforementioned Palace Skateboards and Adidas. He’s been heavy on the scene and killing it since the age of 15, and we are finally getting a closer look at Blondey McCoy.

In one of their latest “i-D Meets:” vignettes, we are able to delve deeper into his life as a skater, designer, artist, and bastion of living out your dreams and positivity for the youth of tomorrow.

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