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The 10 Worst People of 2016

They made one of the worst years ever as awful as it could possibly be.

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If you’ve turned on a television, checked Twitter, or left your house this year, you know that 2016 had one definitive worst person. That person has been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and will occupy the White House in January despite all the crackpot plans being floated around the Internet in too-little-too-late attempts to stop him. (And he’s already burning the people who elected him.)

However, 2016 was so awful that it gave us so many more terrible people to consider. It wouldn’t be fair to overlook the minor villains, would it? As we close out this most regrettable year, let’s remember some of the people who made it as bad as we thought it possibly could be, and then went and made it a little worse still.

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