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Did Cannabis Use Tarnish Bruce Lee's Legend in Hong Kong?

Join MERRY JANE Asia as we explore the snub of a martial arts and film icon in his own hometown.

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Bruce Lee was an iconic martial artist, teacher, philosopher, actor, and director who founded the martial art Jeet Kune Do, blazed a trail in the entertainment industry, and changed popular perceptions of Asian people, particularly in the West. Today, more than four decades after his tragic death at the age of 32, he is still revered globally for his contributions both to martial arts and pop culture. Around the world multiple statues have been erected for him. So then why hasn't the government in his own hometown of Hong Kong ever officially honored him?

Join MERRY JANE Asia correspondent Christel Escosa in Hong Kong as she explores the snub of an icon, and sees how myths surrounding his death, as well as a non-scientific bias against cannabis use, may play a role in Lee not receiving the recognition he deserves. But most importantly, we pay homage a unique individual who blew many minds and left an indelible mark on our society worldwide.

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