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Joss Whedon’s New Short Film “Weatherman" Imagines the Doom That Would Follow a Trump Victory

Whedon’s latest short film stars Keegan-Michael Key as the weatherman forecasting Trump’s America.

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As the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency has turned from a sick joke to a potentially frightening reality, a number of recognized individuals have decided to use their platform of fame to voice their concerns about this year’s election. One of the most potent ads of the 2016 presidential election came from renowned The Avengers director and screenwriter Joss Whedon, the creator of the political-action committee Save the Day

The political PSA, which was released last month, featured a vast array of celebrities who gathered together to praise the importance of registering to vote for this coming presidential election. The video never addresses Trump by his actual name, but it’s obvious exactly who the Hollywood crew, which included Robert Downey Jr., Julianne Moore, Martin Sheen, Stanley Tucci, James Franco, Neil Patrick Harris, and Rosie Perez, were gathering against. 

Now, Whedon’s Save the Day PAC has released another politically charged short film, entitled “Weatherman”. This time around, Whedon’s satirical video stars the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key, who gives us a damning weather forecast treating Republican presidential candidate as if he were a natural disaster that would bring about the end of days. Much like his with previous ad, Whedon managed to inject humor into an extremely serious situation.

Among the developments showcased in the Hurricane Trump forecast, Key forecasts a “heavy wave of denial” coming in from both coasts, civil unrest in the South returning to temperatures of the 1960s, and smugness traveling south from Canada. Key finishes his dooming forecast by stating that “the rise in both temperature and existential misery will be cooled by the nuclear winter coming in from the southeast.”

When the camera pans over to a news anchor crying about Key’s fearsome forecast, he jokes “Tammy, you voted for Jill Stein you thoughtless ass! Now suck it up like the rest of us,” a telling sign of what Whedon thinks about those planning a protest vote for the November election. According to Save the Day, the PAC has already helped over 40,000 people register to vote.

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