Host Mareesa Stertz learns how marijuana can uncover the psychological conflicts of the unconscious mind on the latest episode of “Healing Powers.”

Psychedelic therapy is making a comeback. Whether it’s the use of MDMA to heal trauma, or ketamine or LSD for depression, these mind-altering substances are increasingly being consumed in clinical settings, with the purpose of treating some of society’s most pressing mental health challenges. Yet, you might be able to free your mind with just one all-natural plant — pot!

Healing Powers host Mareesa Stertz takes a trip to see Preston Lopez, a transformational coach who uses marijuana to help people work through their dark sides. Lopez believes that consuming cannabis as part of a structured therapy session can help patients tap into their “shadows” — problematic feelings that lie below the ordinary level of consciousness — so they can finally be examined in the light of day.

Mareesa has issues of her own that she wants to resolve, and admits that marijuana sometimes makes them feel worse. But Lopez says that the plant is trying to tell her something, and she should move toward it, not away. So Mareesa lights up, lays back, and takes a deep dive into her unconscious mind. Will it help? Tune in to find out…

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