We are living in a golden age of consumption. Never before have there been so many tech-forward ways to enjoy your favorite plants. To see how advanced we now are, look no further than the PAX 3 vaporizer, the company’s first truly dual-use device. On the latest episode of Fresh Out the Box, the MERRY JANE original series that explores the hottest GOODS for you, we unbox the PAX 3 and confirm that the future is now.

The pioneering PAX 3 works easily with both concentrates and loose-leaf material and has several cool new features that address the wants and needs of users. In addition to the sleek design of its high-polished anodized aluminum shell—available in black, silver, gold, and limited edition rose gold—the Bluetooth-enabled PAX 3 connects to the PAX Vapor App, which allows you to personalize and adjust heat settings to precise temperatures and also view analytics about your usage. The device still uses a conductive oven like the PAX 2 but now boasts twice the oven strength and heats in 15 seconds initially and instantly thereafter. Plus, the PAX 3 now vibrates when ready, haptic feedback alerting you when it’s reached the desired heat, entered standby mode, or turned off, so you no longer have to stare at the device to know. With a useful kit of cleaning and maintenance tools and a 10-year warranty, the PAX 3 gives you long-term returns on your investment.