The chances are high that one of the last few rap songs you listened to mentioned marijuana at least once. That’s because, when taking a look at the top music genres of the last three decades, rap artists have been on the forefront of declaring their love of grass (even though country singers actually mention marijuana more often).

Just how the Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, and Bob Marley connected with many of their fans through a shared affection for marijuana, rappers today have carried on that legacy. They didn’t worry about politics or criticism long before the emergence of the weed-friendly America we have now in 2017.

To celebrate the rappers that make cannabis a part of their art and who gave stoners around the world a genre they could relate to, we’ve compiled the top rap songs about marijuana from the last five years. From hits by Wiz Khalifa to Danny Brown, these artists are unapologetic about their passion for ganga.